Bröcker, Felix

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Bröcker, Felix


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12019Modular Silicon Carbide Inverter for Drive Applications with HighVoltage Slopes: Challenges Concerning Conducted EMCBröcker, Felix ; Andres, Philip Joshua; Hoffmann, Klaus F. ; Solmecke, Heiko; Grimmig, Markus
22019Conducted EMC Emission of a PWM Full Bridge Inverter Using Silicon Carbide MOSFETs in High Temperature EnvironmentsBröcker, Felix ; Hoffmann, Klaus F. ; Solmecke, Heiko; Grimmig, Markus
32014Analysis of Hybrid MOSFET/IGBT Switches Utilized in High Frewuency Resonant ConvertersBergmann, Jörn ; Bröcker, Felix ; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich 
42018A SiC-based 15-Level Power Inverter for the Generation of Variable High Frequency Output VoltagesFahlbusch, Sebastian ; Meissner, Michael ; Klötzer, Sebastian ; Bröcker, Felix ; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich