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Fickenscher, Thomas
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12013Simple low-cost fabrication method of a buried plastic optical waveguide for circuits in plastic interconnectsHamid, Hanan H.; Neeli, Madhusudan Rao; Fickenscher, Thomas ; O'Keefe, Steven G.; Thiel, David V.
22013Self contained adaptable optical wireless communications system for stroke rate during swimmingHagem, Rabee M.; O'Keefe, Steven G.; Fickenscher, Thomas ; Thiel, David V.
32013Second generation swimming feedback device using a wearable data processing system based on underwater visible light communicationHagem, Rabee M.; Haelsig, Tim; Keefe, Steven G.; Stamm, Andy; Fickenscher, Thomas ; Thiel, David V.
42013Real time swimmers' feedback based on a smart infrared (SSIR) optical wireless sensorHagem, Rabee M.; Fickenscher, Thomas 
52016Obstruction of Fresnel zones by wind turbine on illuminated ground planeFickenscher, Thomas ; Raza, Muhammad Bilal 
62013Investigating the radar returns of a wind turbineRaza, Muhammad Bilal ; Fickenscher, Thomas 
72015Interaction of tower and rotor of a wind turbine in the context of diffractionFickenscher, Thomas ; Raza, Muhammad Bilal 
82015Impact of rotor forward scattering on 16-QAM based communication SystemRaza, Muhammad Bilal ; Fickenscher, Thomas 
92013Impact of pattern distortion on clutter canceller beamformerFickenscher, Thomas ; Gupta, Anshu ; Ludwig, P.; Raza, Muhammad Bilal 
102015Impact of ground plane on wind turbine forward scatteringRaza, Muhammad Bilal ; Fickenscher, Thomas 
112016Impact of blade shape and pitch angle on wind turbine forward scatteringRaza, Muhammad Bilal ; Fickenscher, Thomas 
122015Experimental assessment of SU-8 optical waveguides buried in plastic substrate for optical interconnectionsHamid, Hanan H.; Fickenscher, Thomas ; Thiel, David V.
132013Evaluative comparison of clutter canceller beamformer and amplitude comparison monopulse estimation scheme in HF SWRGupta, Anshu ; Fickenscher, Thomas 
142013Evaluation of correlation detector for ship detection with HF radarGupta, Anshu ; Fickenscher, Thomas 
152016Autofocus performance on multi channel SAS images in the presence of overlapping phase centersHerter, Ulrich ; Schmaljohann, Holger; Fickenscher, Thomas 
162016Analytical investigation of diffraction at multiple blades of wind turbine rotorFickenscher, Thomas ; Raza, Muhammad Bilal 
172013A Wearable system for real time swimmers feedback based on visible light communicationHagem, Rabee M.; Thiel, David V.; O'Keefe, Steven G.; Fickenscher, Thomas 
182015A comprehensive understanding of the forward scattering of radar signals at the rotor of a wind turbineFickenscher, Thomas ; Raza, Muhammad Bilal 
1920152D fresnel diffraction approach for wind turbine forward scatteringRaza, Muhammad Bilal ; Fickenscher, Thomas