Dr.-Ing. Munira Halimjanova

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Halimjanova, Munira
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Dr.-Ing. Munira Halimjanova


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12017Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency in the Power System by the Example of the Republic of TajikistanHalimjanova, Munira ; Dettmann, Klaus-Dieter ; Schulz, Detlef  ; Kaatz, Gesa ; Meyer, Marc Florian 
22018Problems with voltage stability due to long-distance transmission of hydropower in the Tajik extra-high voltage gridHalimjanova, Munira ; Kaatz, Gesa ; Meyer, Marc Florian ; Dettmann, Klaus-Dieter ; Schulz, Detlef  
3Open AccessFeb-2020Investigation and optimization of the energy efficiency of the Tajik energy systemHalimjanova, Munira 
42016Energy Efficiency In The Context Of Energy Availability In The Republic Of TajikistanHalimjanova, Munira ; Schulz, Detlef  ; Dettmann, Klaus-Dieter ; Akhrorova, Alfiya
52017Diversification of Energy Sources in the Republic of Tajikistan and their FinancingAkhrorova, Alfiya; Boboev, F.; Halimjanova, Munira ; Dettmann, Klaus-Dieter ; Schulz, Detlef  
6Open Access2019Blindleistungskompensation auf der 500-kV-Ebene in Tadschikistan im Projekt „CASA-1000“Halimjanova, Munira ; Schulz, Detlef