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Kaatz, Gesa
Lorenzen, Gesa


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12017Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency in the Power System by the Example of the Republic of TajikistanHalimjanova, Munira ; Dettmann, Klaus-Dieter ; Schulz, Detlef  ; Kaatz, Gesa ; Meyer, Marc Florian 
22018Selection of Representative Electrical Grid Structures and Renewable Generation Units for Harmonic Emission MeasurementAthamna, Issam; Moghadam, Hasanali; M├╝hlberg, Marko; Grumm, Florian ; Meyer, Marc Florian ; Kaatz, Gesa ; Schulz, Detlef  
32018Problems with voltage stability due to long-distance transmission of hydropower in the Tajik extra-high voltage gridHalimjanova, Munira ; Kaatz, Gesa ; Meyer, Marc Florian ; Dettmann, Klaus-Dieter ; Schulz, Detlef  
42018Online Network Impedance Spectrometer for the Medium-Voltage LevelJordan, Michael ; Grumm, Florian ; Kaatz, Gesa ; Meyer, Marc Florian ; Wilken, Hauke ; Schulz, Detlef  
5Open Access2019Netzimpedanzmessungen zur Bewertung der Oberschwingungs-Emission Erneuerbarer Energieanlagen in MittelspannungsnetzenMeyer, Marc Florian ; Grumm, Florian ; Kaatz, Gesa ; Plenz, Maik ; Schulz, Detlef  
62018Influence of PV-Systems on Short-Circuit Currents in Low-Voltage Distribution Grids in Structurally Weak AreasGrumm, Florian ; Plenz, Maik ; Meyer, Marc Florian ; Jordan, Michael ; Kaatz, Gesa ; Schulz, Detlef  
72015Influence of grid-connected solar inverters and mains monitoring systems on the spectral grid impedanceKaatz, Gesa ; Grumm, Florian ; Jordan, Michael ; Schulz, Detlef  
82018Harmonic Network Impedance Measurement and Modelling on the Medium Voltage levelJordan, Michael ; Meyer, Marc Florian ; Kaatz, Gesa ; Schulz, Detlef  ; Adloff, Stephan; Santjer, Fritz