Prof. Dr. Bernd Klauer

Academic degrees
Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. nat. habil.
Full Name
Klauer, Bernd
Credit Name
Prof. Dr. Bernd Klauer


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12020Validation and performance anaysis of a parameterizable normalized feedback FxLMS archtiecture for FPGA platformsTimmermann, Johannes ; Klemd, Alexander; Hanselka, Jonas; Sachau, Delf ; Klauer, Bernd 
22016Print your gadget: New channels for manufacturers using locally available 3D printersKlauer, Bernd ; Haase, Jan; Eckert, Marcel ; Meyer, Dominik 
32018Low-Latency FIR Filter Structures Targeting FPGA PlatformsEckert, Marcel ; Klauer, Bernd ; Rivera Benois, Piero Iared; Nowak, Patrick ; Zölzer, Udo 
42021Low latency real-time deflagration detection using a Field Programmable Gate ArrayEckert, Marcel ; Krooß, Jakob; Klauer, Bernd ; Fay, Alexander 
52018Experimental results of the effect of increased filter length and sample rate of a feedback active noise control system with FxLMS-algorithm implemented in VHDLHanselka, Jonas; Klemd, Alexander; Sachau, Delf ; Klauer, Bernd 
62021A Flexible Multi-Channel Feedback FxLMS Architecture for FPGA PlatformsKlemd, Alexander; Klauer, Bernd ; Timmermann, Johannes ; Sachau, Delf