Elektromagnetische Störfestigkeit autonomer Systeme


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
11-Aug-2022A Transfer Function Method to Calculate Radiation of Sources With Stochastic SignalsEngeln, Alexander; Rathjen, Kai-Uwe ; Pahl, Arne ; Dickmann, Stefan 
217-Oct-2022Analysis and Discussion of Different Three-Phase dv/dt Filter Topologies and the Influences of Their Filter Parameters on Losses and EMCFritze, Eric ; Meissner, Michael ; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich ; Rathjen, Kai-Uwe ; Dickmann, Stefan ; Woywode, Oliver
32022Analysis of Sensor Disturbances Caused by IEMIPahl, Arne ; Dickmann, Stefan 
4Open Access2022Avoiding Electromagnetic Interference Induced Risks for Autonomous DrivingDickmann, Stefan ; Aizpurua Aldasoro, Unai ; Brandt, Tim ; Hagel, Michael ; Kampert, Erik ; Wendt, Marita ; Hoffmann, Klaus F. ; Stiemer, Marcus