Dezentrale digitale Produktion für die urbane Wertschöpfung (FCDW)


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
1Jul-2022A Machine Learning Approach for Revenue Management in Cloud ManufacturingAdomat, Vincent ; Ehrhardt, Jonas ; Kober, Christian ; Ahanpanjeh, Maryam ; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter 
29-Nov-2020Co-Creation in the era of bottom-up economics - Democratizing Innovation and Manufacturing with Open Source Hardware and OpenLabs, Exploring co-creation practices across the private-public divideRedlich, Tobias 
3Open Access2022Community-based replication of Open Source Machine ToolsLange, Luisa ; Langhammer, Michel ; Buxbaum-Conradi, Sonja ; Moritz, Manuel ; Omer, Mohammed ; Redlich, Tobias ; Wulfsberg, Jens P. 
42022Democratizing Manufacturing – Conceptualizing the Potential of Open Source Machine Tools as Drivers of Sustainable Industrial Development in Resource Constrained ContextsOmer, Mohammed ; Kaiser, Melina ; Moritz, Manuel ; Buxbaum-Conradi, Sonja ; Redlich, Tobias ; Wulfsberg, Jens P. 
5May-2022Digital Twin Fidelity Requirements Model For ManufacturingKober, Christian ; Adomat, Vincent ; Ahanpanjeh, Maryam ; Fette, Marc ; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter 
6Open Access2022Fab City Hamburg: A living lab approach to explore new forms of open, distributed manufacturing in an urban contextBuxbaum-Conradi, Sonja ; Koppe, Jana ; Moritz, Manuel ; Redlich, Tobias ; Wulfsberg, Jens P. 
7Open Access2022Idea evaluation by citizens: The Hamburg Fab City Maker Challenge casePacuku, David; Schnier, Johanna; Redlich, Tobias ; Moritz, Manuel ; Klein, Marvin; Raasch, Christina; Lüthje, Christian
83-Oct-2020Makers‘ Culture – A Roadmap to sustainable DevelopmentRedlich, Tobias 
919-Oct-2021Sustainable Cities/FabCityKoppe, Jana 
108-Nov-2021The Potential of Open Source Hardware in Digital Textile ManufacturingKoppe, Jana