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120151.2015 Digital classics onlineSchaal, Gary S.  
2201523. International Conference on Multiple Criteria Decision Making MCDM 2015Geiger, Martin Josef  ; Huber, Sandra 
32020§ 33 AußenwirtschaftsrechtBoysen, Sigrid 
42015A concept of the euro as a parallel currency: a gradual solution for the eurozones problemsMeyer, Dirk 
52019A generator for test instances of scheduling problems concerning cranes in transshipment terminalsBriskorn, Dirk; Jaehn, Florian ; Wiehl, Andreas
62016A Mobile Sensor Network Tracking Moving Targets in a Dynamic EnvironmentDang, Anh Duc ; Horn, Joachim 
72017A multi-threaded local search algorithm and computer implementation for the multi-mode, resource-constrained multi-project scheduling problemGeiger, Martin Josef  
82018A multiperiod auto-carrier transportation problem with probabilistic future demandsBilling, Christian; Jaehn, Florian ; Wensing, Thomas
92019Ablaufplanung: Einführung in SchedulingJaehn, Florian ; Pesch, Erwin
102016Der aktuelle Diskurs über die Krise der DemokratieSchaal, Gary S.  
112018Algorithms, pseudo-codes, implementations - some reflections on interdependencies and potential implicationsGeiger, Martin Josef  
122017An adaptive large neighbourhood search as a matheuristic for the multi-mode resource-constrained project scheduling problemGerhards, Patrick ; Stürck, Christian ; Fink, Andreas 
132013An Autonomous Indoor UAV with a Real-Time On-Board Orthologonal SLAMAlpen, Mirco ; Frick, Klaus; Horn, Joachim 
142019An exact solution approach for scheduling cooperative gantry cranesKreß, Dominik  ; Dornseifer, Jan; Jaehn, Florian 
152017An FPTAS of Minimizing Total Weighted Completion Time on Single Machine with Position ConstraintCalinescu, Gruia; Jaehn, Florian ; Li, Minming; Wang, Kai
162016An interactive approach to the bi-objective Inventory Routing ProblemHuber, Sandra ; Geiger, Martin Josef  
172017ANFA - A National Licence to Print Money within the Eurosystem?Hansen, Arne ; Meyer, Dirk 
182016ANFA - nationale Geldschöpfung als Sprengsatz für die Währungsunion?Meyer, Dirk 
192019ANFA und das Zahlungsverkehrssystem TARGET2: zwei Konzepte zur national-autonomen Geldschöpfung im EurosystemHansen, Arne ; Meyer, Dirk 
202019ANFA und die Anleihekaufprogramme: Gefahr für die Unabhängigkeit der EZB??Hansen, Arne ; Meyer, Dirk