Fakultät für Elektrotechnik

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Fakultät für Elektrotechnik
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12002(1 + 1)-Dimensional modulation instability of spatially incoherent lightKip, Detlef  ; Soljačić, Marin; Segev, Mordechai; Sears, Suzanne M.; Christodoulides, Demetrios N.
220081D photonic lattices optically induced in planar waveguides and bulk lithium niobate samples using projection techniqueGusev, A.; Kanshu, A.; Shandarova, K.; Shandarov, V.; Kip, D.  ; Rüter, C. E. ; Chen, F.; Tan, Y.
32013A Five-Level High Frequency Zero-voltage-Switching Neural-Point-Clamped Inverter for Energy Transfer with Resonant TankDüerkop, Christian; Woywode, Oliver; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
42001A new method of electrical fixing in strontium-barium niobate crystalsWesner, M.; Herden, C.; Kip, Detlef  
52016A Novel Control Concept for High-Efficiency Power Conversion with the Bidirectional Non-inverting Buck-Boost ConverterYu, Zhe; Kapels, Holger; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
62017A novel method of transfer-function identification for modeling DM impedance of AC motorMiloudi, Houcine; Bendaoud, Abdelber; Miloudi, Mohamed; Dickmann, Stefan ; Schenke, Stefan 
72018A SiC-based 15-Level Power Inverter for the Generation of Variable High Frequency Output VoltagesFahlbusch, Sebastian ; Meissner, Michael ; Klötzer, Sebastian ; Bröcker, Felix ; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich 
81998All-optical beam deflection and switching in strontium-barium-niobate waveguidesKip, Detlef  ; Wesner, M.; Krätzig, E.; Shandarov, V.; Moretti, P.
92001All-Optical Signal Router Based on the Interaction of Mutually Incoherent SolitonsKip, Detlef  ; Herden, Christian; Wesner, Monika
102002All-optical signal routing using interaction of mutually incoherent spatial solitonsKip, Detlef  ; Herden, Christian; Wesner, Monika
112019Analysis and Optimization of an Inverse Coupled Inductor in a High Frequency LLC Converter with Current Doubler RectifierKlötzer, Sebastian ; Warncke, Mathias; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
122018Analysis of 1200 V Si-SiC-Hybrid Switches for Resonant ApplicationsMeissner, Michael ; Fahlbusch, Sebastian ; Lüthke, Daniel ; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich 
132019Analysis of a 1200 V SiC-Si-Hybrid Switch for Resonant Applications with Consideration of Bipolar DesaturationMeissner, Michael ; Sauermann, Lars; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich 
142019Analysis of an LLC Converter with Planar Inverse Coupled Current Doubler Rectifier using Silicon and GaN devicesKlötzer, Sebastian ; Thielke, Finn; Warncke, Mathias; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
152014Analysis of Hybrid MOSFET/IGBT Switches Utilized in High Frewuency Resonant ConvertersBergmann, Jörn ; Bröcker, Felix ; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich 
162015Analysis of SiC-MOSFETs Utilised in Hard Switching Inverter Topologies with Switching Frequencies up to 1 MHzFahlbusch, Sebastian ; Müter, Ulf; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
172015Analysis of the effect of different absorber materials and loading on the shielding effectiveness of a metallic enclosureParr, Stefan ; Karcoon, Hamed; Dickmann, Stefan ; Rambousky, Ronald
181992Anisotropic four-wave mixing in planar LiNbO₃ optical waveguidesKip, Detlef  ; Krätzig, E.
191994Anisotropic two- and four-wave mixing in planar LiTaO₃:Ti:Fe optical waveguidesKip, Detlef  ; Bartholomäus, T.; Garcia, P. M.; Krätzig, E.
20Dec-2014Asymmetric Wave Propagation Through Saturable Nonlinear OligomersLaw, Daniel; D'Ambroise, Jennie; Kevrekidis, Panayotis G.; Kip, Detlef