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12018Trapped modes and resonance wave transmission in a plate with a system of notchesGlushkov, Evgeny; Glushkova, Natalia; Eremin, Artem ; Lammering, Rolf 
21991The application of a finite shell element for composites containing piezo-electric polymers in vibration controlLammering, Rolf 
32004Stress-induced transformation behavior of a polycrystalline NiTi shape memory alloy: Micro and macromechanical investigations via in situ optical microscopyBrinson, Lynda Catherine; Schmidt, Ina ; Lammering, Rolf 
41994Optimal placement of piezoelectric actuators in adaptive truss structuresLammering, Rolf ; Jia, Jianhu; Rogers, Craig A.
52011On the thermodynamically consistent fractional wave equation for viscoelastic solidsEnde, Sven von ; Lion, Alexander; Lammering, Rolf 
62017On the identification of cohesive parameters for printed metal-polymer interfacesHeinrich, Felix ; Langner, Hauke H. ; Lammering, Rolf 
72010Observation of Piezoelectrically Induced Lamb Wave Propagation in Thin Plates by Use of Speckle InterferometryLammering, Rolf 
82017Localization of inhomogeneities in an elastic plate using the time reversal methodEremin, Artem ; Glushkov, Evgeny; Glushkova, Natalia; Lammering, Rolf 
92019Lamb wave scattering, conversion and resonances in an elastic layered waveguide with a surface-bonded rectangular blockGolub, Mikhail V.; Eremin, Artem ; Shpak, Alisa N.; Lammering, Rolf 
102007Investigation on piezoelectrically induced Lamb wave generation and propagationEnde, Sven von ; Lammering, Rolf 
112013Identification and avoidance of systematic measurement errors in lamb wave observation with one-dimensional scanning laser vibrometryNeumann, Mirko N. ; Hennings, Bianca ; Lammering, Rolf 
122019Guided wave time-reversal imaging of macroscopic localized inhomogeneities in anisotropic compositesEremin, Artem ; Glushkov, Evgeny; Glushkova, Natalia; Lammering, Rolf 
13Jan-2014Group velocity of cylindrical guided waves in anisotropic laminate compositesGlushkov, Evgeny; Glushkova, Natalia; Eremin, Artem ; Lammering, Rolf 
142017Calibration of potential drop measuring and damage extent prediction by Bayesian filtering and soothingBerg, Thomas ; Ende, Sven von ; Lammering, Rolf 
152019Bayesian consideration of unknown sensor characteristics in fatigue-related structural health monitoringBerg, Thomas ; Ende, Sven von ; Lammering, Rolf 
162018Analysis of the continuous mode conversion of Lamb waves in fiber composites by a stochastic material model and laser vibrometer experimentsZimmermann, Eugen ; Eremin, Artem ; Lammering, Rolf 
172017Advanced characterization of laminate fiber-reinforced composite materials with elastic guided waves and non-contact measurement techniquesEremin, Artem ; Miakisheva, Olga; Glushkov, Evgeny; Glushkova, Natalia; Lammering, Rolf 
182013A novel methodology for the development of compliant mechanisms with application to feed unitsWulfsberg, Jens Peter ; Lammering, Rolf ; Kong, Nanxi; Schuster, Thomas; Rösner, Malte ; Bauma, Elisabeth; Friedrich, Robert
192018A constitutive model for the analysis of second harmonic Lamb waves in unidirectional compositesRauter, Natalie ; Lammering, Rolf 

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