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12018Influence of an Electrically Non-Conducting Heat Sink for Power Semiconductors on Radiated InterferencesFink, Stephan; Rathjen, Kai-Uwe; Fahlbusch, Sebastian; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich ; Dickmann, Stefan 
22017DC/DC-Converter with Optimised Power Density for Integration of Multifunctional Fuel Cell Systems in Modern Aircraft ApplicationWarncke, Mathias; Fahlbusch, Sebastian; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich 
32017Automated Test Bench for the Measurement of Si-IGBT and SiC-MOSFET Hybrid SwitchesMeissner, Michael ; Fahlbusch, Sebastian; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 

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12013A Five-Level High Frequency Zero-voltage-Switching Neural-Point-Clamped Inverter for Energy Transfer with Resonant TankDüerkop, Christian; Woywode, Oliver; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
22016A Novel Control Concept for High-Efficiency Power Conversion with the Bidirectional Non-inverting Buck-Boost ConverterYu, Zhe; Kapels, Holger; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
32018A SiC-based 15-Level Power Inverter for the Generation of Variable High Frequency Output VoltagesFahlbusch, Sebastian; Meissner, Michael ; Klötzer, Sebastian; Bröcker, Felix; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich 
4Open Access2022Analyse und Charakterisierung aktueller Siliziumkarbid-Bauelemente für ein digitales Lebenszyklus-Monitoring robuster Leistungselektronik in kritischer InfrastrukturBrandt, Sönke ; Rasch, Martin Wilhelm ; Hoffmann, Klaus F. ; Podendorf, Simon ; Buran, Ahmet Ozan ; Dickmann, Stefan ; Tulu, Eden Tafa ; Stiemer, Marcus 
517-Oct-2022Analysis and Discussion of Different Three-Phase dv/dt Filter Topologies and the Influences of Their Filter Parameters on Losses and EMCFritze, Eric ; Meissner, Michael ; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich ; Rathjen, Kai-Uwe; Dickmann, Stefan ; Woywode, Oliver
62019Analysis and Optimization of an Inverse Coupled Inductor in a High Frequency LLC Converter with Current Doubler RectifierKlötzer, Sebastian; Warncke, Mathias; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
72018Analysis of 1200 V Si-SiC-Hybrid Switches for Resonant ApplicationsMeissner, Michael ; Fahlbusch, Sebastian; Lüthke, Daniel; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich 
82019Analysis of a 1200 V SiC-Si-Hybrid Switch for Resonant Applications with Consideration of Bipolar DesaturationMeissner, Michael ; Sauermann, Lars; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich 
92019Analysis of an LLC Converter with Planar Inverse Coupled Current Doubler Rectifier using Silicon and GaN devicesKlötzer, Sebastian; Thielke, Finn; Warncke, Mathias; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
102014Analysis of Hybrid MOSFET/IGBT Switches Utilized in High Frequency Resonant ConvertersBergmann, Jörn; Bröcker, Felix; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich 
112015Analysis of SiC-MOSFETs Utilised in Hard Switching Inverter Topologies with Switching Frequencies up to 1 MHzFahlbusch, Sebastian; Müter, Ulf; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
122017Autarkes Steuermodul zum Modulieren einer HochspannungHoffmann, Klaus Friedrich ; Kemper, Johannes
132017Automated Test Bench for the Measurement of Si-IGBT and SiC-MOSFET Hybrid SwitchesMeissner, Michael ; Fahlbusch, Sebastian; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
14Open Access2022Avoiding Electromagnetic Interference Induced Risks for Autonomous DrivingDickmann, Stefan ; Aizpurua Aldasoro, Unai ; Brandt, Tim ; Hagel, Michael ; Kampert, Erik ; Wendt, Marita ; Hoffmann, Klaus F. ; Stiemer, Marcus 
152015Better Efficiency with Linear-Regulator compared to Flyback-Converters in LED Lamps at AC GridsJaschke, Reinhard Paul; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
162015Better Line Current by LED Lamps less 25 Watt Equipped with a Six Diode Valley Fill TopologyJaschke, Reinhard Paul; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
172017Compact 80 kW silicon carbide high voltage generatorMüter, Ulf; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich ; Wagner, Bernhard; Lunding, Arne
182018Compact Bidirectional GaN Buck-Boost Converter for Negative Rail Supply in Bipolar DC-GridsKlötzer, Sebastian; Fahlbusch, Sebastian; Müter, Ulf; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich 
192017Compact Diode-less Bidirectional GaN Based Buck Converter for Mobile DC-DC ApplicationsKlötzer, Sebastian; Müter, Ulf; Fahlbusch, Sebastian; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
202016Comparison of Driving Concepts for Silicon Carbide Bipolar Junction TransistorsMüter, Ulf; Sammler, Christian; Fahlbusch, Sebastian; Klötzer, Sebastian; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich