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11999Multiple phase gratings in pure, Yb- and P-doped Pb₅Ge₃O₁₁ after different thermal treatmentsYue, Xuefeng; Mendricks, S.; Nikolajsen, T.; Hesse, H.; Kip, Detlef  ; Krätzig, E.
2Apr-1998Photorefractive effect in doped Pb₅Ge₃O₁₁ and in (Pb₁₋ₓ Baₓ)₅ Ge₃O₁₁Yue, Xuefeng; Mendricks, S.; Hu, Yi; Hesse, H.; Kip, Detlef  
3Dec-2004Photorefractive properties of undoped lithium tantalate crystals for various compositionHoltmann, F.; Imbrock, J.; Bäumer, Ch.; Hesse, H.; Krätzig, E.; Kip, Detlef