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11995Characterization of photorefractive LiNbO₃ waveguides fabricated by combined proton and copper exchangeRickermann, F.; Kip, Detlef  ; Gather, B.; Krätzig, E.
21993Concentration and refractive index profiles of titanium‐ and iron‐diffused planar LiNbO₃ waveguidesKip, Detlef  ; Gather, B.; Bendig, H.; Krätzig, E.
31999Copper Diffusion into Lithium NiobateHukriede, J.; Gather, B.; Kip, D.  ; Krätzig, E.
41998Holographic Measurement of Dark Conductivity in LiNbO₃:Ti:Fe Planar Optical WaveguidesKip, D.  ; Hukriede, J.; Krätzig, E.
51998Holographic Recording in Planar Cu:H:LiTaO₃ WaveguidesKostritskii, S. M.; Kip, D.  
6May-2005Magnesium-doped near-stoichiometric lithium tantalate crystals for nonlinear opticsWirp, A.; Bäumer, C.; Hesse, H.; Kip, Detlef  ; Krätzig, E.
7Oct-2007Modeling of ZnO nanorods for evanescent field optical sensorsBörner, Sandra; Rüter, Christian E. ; Voss, Tobias; Kip, Detlef  ; Schade, Wolfgang
82002Observation of two-dimensional spatial solitons in iron-doped barium-calcium titanate crystalsXu, J.; Shandarov, V.; Wesner, M.; Kip, D.  
91998Optical Waveguides in Lead Germanate Formed by MeV Proton and Helium Ion ImplantationKip, D.  ; Mendricks, S.; Moretti, P.
101996Refractive indices of Sr₀.₆₁ Ba₀.₃₉Nb₂O₆ single crystalsKip, Detlef  ; Aulkemeyer, S.; Buse, K.; Mersch, F.; Pankrath, R.; Kraetzig, E.