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1Nov-2020Auger electron wave packet interferometry on extreme timescales with coherent soft x-raysUsenko, Sergey; Schwickert, David; Przystawik, Andreas; Baev, Karolin; Baev, Ivan; Braune, Markus; Bocklage, Lars; Czwalinna, Marie Kristin; Deinert, Sascha; Düsterer, Stefan; Hans, Andreas; Hartmann, Gregor; Haunhorst, Christian ; Kuhlmann, Marion; Palutke, Steffen; Röhlsberger, Ralf; Rönsch-Schulenburg, Juliane; Puntel Schmidt, Philipp; Skruszewicz, Slawomir; Toleikis, Sven; Viefhaus, Jens; Martins, Michael; Knie, André; Kip, Detlef  ; Laarmann, Tim