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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12018Democracy and Aid DonorshipFuchs, Andreas ; Müller, Angelika
22018Democracy and aid donorshipFuchs, Andreas ; Müller, Angelika
32019Distortions in aid allocation of United Nations flash appealsEichenauer, Vera; Fuchs, Andreas ; Kunze, Sven; Strobl, Eric
42019Does private aid follow the flag?Fuchs, Andreas ; Öhler, Hannes
52016Financial market development in host and source countries and its effects on bilateral FDIDonaubauer, Julian ; Neumayer, Eric; Nunnenkamp, Peter
62018Foreign direct investment & corruption in Sub-Saharan AfricaDonaubauer, Julian ; Kannen, Peter ; Steglich, Frauke
72016Greenfield FDI, cross-border M&As and government sizeAshraf, Ayesha; Herzer, Dierk ; Nunnenkamp, Peter
82016Infrastructure and tradeDonaubauer, Julian ; Glas, Alexander; Nunnenkamp, Peter
92016Is aid for infrastructure effective?Donaubauer, Julian ; Nunnenkamp, Peter
102015Nonlinear expectation formation in the U.S. stock marketPierdzioch, Christian ; Reitz, Stefan; Ruelke, Jan-Christoph
112016The effectiveness of aid under post-conflict conditionsDonaubauer, Julian ; Herzer, Dierk ; Nunnenkamp, Peter
122017Winning or losing in investor-to-state dispute resolutionDonaubauer, Julian ; Neumayer, Eric; Nunnenkamp, Peter