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12016Measurements of the Speed of Sound in Liquid n-ButaneHawary, Ahmed el; Meier, Karsten 
22013Measurements of the Speed of Sound in Liquid TolueneMeier, Karsten ; Kabelac, Stephan 
32013Measurements of the Speed of Sound in Propene in the Liquid and Supercritical RegionsMeier, Karsten ; Kabelac, Stephan 
42013Measurements of the Speed of Sound in the Refrigerants HFC227ea and HFC365mfc in the Liquid RegionMeier, Karsten ; Kabelac, Stephan 
529-Jul-2019Semantic interoperability and characterization of data provenance in computational molecular engineeringHorsch, M. T.; Niethammer, C.; Boccardo, G.; Carbone, P.; Chiacchiera, S.; Chiricotto, M.; Elliott, J. D.; Lobaskin, V.; Neumann, Philipp ; Schiffels, P.; Seaton, M. A.; Todorov, I. T.; Vrabec, J.; Cavalcanti, W. L.
62018Speed-of-Sound Measurements and Derived Thermodynamic Properties of Liquid IsobutaneHawary, Ahmed el; Meier, Karsten 
72016Speed-of-Sound Measurements in Compressed Nitrogen and Dry AirMeier, Karsten ; Kabelac, Stephan 
82020Speed-of-Sound Measurements in Liquid n-Pentane and IsopentaneHawary, Ahmed el; Mirzaev, Sirojiddin Z.; Meier, Karsten