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12016An ARL‐unbiased c‐chartPaulino, Sofia; Morais, Manuel Cabral; Knoth, Sven  
22017Control Charts for Monitoring Correlated Poisson Counts with an Excessive Number of ZerosRakitzis, Athanasios C.; Weiß, Christian H. ; Castagliola, Philippe
32018Effectiveness of phase I applications for identifying randomly scattered out-of-control observations and estimating control chart parametersTestik, Murat Caner; Weiß, Christian H. ; Koca, Yesim; Testik, Özlem Müge
42019Risk-based metrics for performance evaluation of control chartsTestik, Murat Caner; Weiß, Christian H. 
52018Steadystate ARL analysis of ARLunbiased EWMARZ control chart monitoring the ratio of two normal variablesPhuc Tran, Kim; Knoth, Sven