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11992Anisotropic four-wave mixing in planar LiNbO₃ optical waveguidesKip, Detlef  ; Krätzig, E.
2Dec-2019Coherent propulsion with negative-mass fields in a photonic latticePei, Yumiao; Hu, Yi; Zhang, Ping; Zhang, Chunmei; Lou, Cibo; Haunhorst, Christian ; Kip, Detlef  ; Christodoulides, Demetrios; Chen, Zhigang; Xu, Jingjun
32017Continuous variable quantum key distribution with a real local oscillator using simultaneous pilot signalsKleis, Sebastian ; Rückmann, Max ; Schäffer, Christian G.  
4Sep-2008Higher-band gap soliton formation in defocusing photonic latticesKip, Detlef  ; Rüter, Christian E. ; Dong, Rong; Wang, Zhe; Xu, Jingjun
5Mar-2007Interaction of counterpropagating discrete solitons in a nonlinear one-dimensional waveguide arraySmirnov, Eugene; Stepić, Milutin; Rüter, Christian E. ; Shandarov, Vladimir; Kip, Detlef  
61995Low-loss planar optical waveguides in strontium barium niobate crystals formed by ion-beam implantationKip, Detlef  ; Aulkemeyer, S; Moretti, P
71999Nonvolatile holographic storage in iron-doped lithium tantalate with continuous-wave laser lightImbrock, J.; Kip, Detlef  ; Krätzig, E.
8Jun-1998Observation of bright spatial photorefractive solitons in a planar strontium barium niobate waveguideKip, Detlef  ; Wesner, M.; Shandarov, V.; Moretti, P.
92012Observation of discrete gap solitons in one-dimensional waveguide arrays with alternating spacings and saturable defocusing nonlinearityKanshu, A.; Rüter, Christian E. ; Kip, Detlef  ; Shandarov, V.; Beličev, Petra P.; Ilic, Igor; Stepić, Milutin
10Jul-2007Observation of higher-order solitons in defocusing waveguide arraysSmirnov, Eugene; Rüter, Christian E. ; Kip, Detlef  ; Kartashov, Yaroslav V; Torner, Lluis
11Jan-2006Observation of modulational instability in discrete media with self-defocusing nonlinearityStepić, Milutin; Wirth, Christian; Rüter, Christian E. ; Kip, Detlef  
12Aug-2006Observation of staggered surface solitary waves in one-dimensional waveguide arraysSmirnov, Eugene; Stepić, Milutin; Rüter, Christian E. ; Kip, Detlef  ; Shandarov, Vladimir
132000Observation of two-dimensional multimode solitionsCarmon, Tal; Anastassiou, Charalambos; Lan, Song; Kip, Detlef  ; Musslimani, Ziad H.; Segev, Mordechai; Christodoulides, Demetrios
141995Photorefractive recording by a special mechanism in planar LiNbO₃ waveguidesKip, Detlef  ; Rickermann, F.; Krätzig, E.
15Sep-2006Prism coupling method to excite and analyze Floquet-Bloch modes in linear and nonlinear waveguide arraysRüter, Christian E. ; Wisniewski, J.; Kip, Detlef  
16Apr-2011Resonant delocalization and Bloch oscillations in modulated latticesEl-Ganainy, R.; Christodoulides, Demetrios; Rüter, Christian E. ; Kip, Detlef  
172001Self-trapping of bright ringsAnastassiou, C.; Pigier, C.; Segev, M.; Kip, Detlef  ; Eugenieva, E. D.; Christodoulides, D. N.
18Apr-2007Tamm oscillations in semi-infinite nonlinear waveguide arraysStepi, Milutin; Smirnov, Eugene; Rüter, Christian E. ; Kip, Detlef  ; Maluckov, Aleksandra; Hadzievski, Ljup O
19Sep-1998Thermally fixed reflection gratings for infrared light in LiNbO₃:Ti:Fe channel waveguidesHukriede, J.; Nee, I.; Kip, Detlef  ; Krätzig, E.
20Mar-1998Thermally induced self-focusing and optical beam interactions in planar strontium barium niobate waveguidesKip, Detlef  ; Krätzig, E.; Shandarov, V.; Moretti, P.