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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12018Application and Extension of a Synthetic Turbulence Inflow Generator Within a Hybrid LES-URANS MethodologySchmidt, Stephan ; Breuer, Michael  
2Jan-2010Application of an anisotropy resolving algebraic Reynolds stress model within a hybrid LES-RANS methodBreuer, Michael  ; Aybay, Orhan; Jaffrézic, Benoit
32011Assessment of eddy resolving techniques for the flow over periodically arranged hills up to Re=37,000Manhart, Michael; Rapp, Christoph; Peller, Nikolaus; Breuer, Michael  ; Aybay, Orhan; Denev, Jordan A.; Falconi, Carlos J.
4Jan-2010Detached-Eddy and delayed detached-eddy simulation of supersonic flow over a three-dimensional cavityTogiti, Vamshi; Lüdeke, Heinrich; Breuer, Michael  
52019Direct and large-eddy simulation XI
62019Effect of inflow turbulence on LES of an airfoil flow with laminar separation bubbleBreuer, Michael  ; Schmidt, Stephan 
72019Effect of Inflow Turbulence on LES of an Airfoil Flow with Laminar Separation BubbleBreuer, Michael  ; Schmidt, Stephan 
8Jul-2011Fluid–structure interaction of a flexible structure in a turbulent flow using LESBreuer, Michael  ; De Nayer, Guillaume  ; Münsch, Manuel
92015Four-way coupled LES predictions of dense particle-laden flows in horizontal smooth and rough pipesAlletto, Michael ; Breuer, Michael  
102020FSI Investigations on a Flexible Air-Inflated Thin-Walled StructureDe Nayer, Guillaume  ; Wood, Jens Nikolas ; Apostolatos, Andreas; Breuer, Michael  
112015Hybrid LES–URANS methodology for wall-bounded flowsSchmidt, Stephan ; Breuer, Michael  
122015Hybrid LES–URANS methodology for wall–bounded flowsSchmidt, Stephan ; Breuer, Michael  
132016Hybrid LES–URANS methodology for wall–bounded flows with synthetic turbulent inflow conditionsSchmidt, Stephan ; Breuer, Michael  
14Jan-2015Large-eddy simulation of a FSI-induced oscillation test case in turbulent flowMünsch, Manuel; Delgado, Antonio; Breuer, Michael  
152010LES meets FSI – Important numerical and modeling aspectsBreuer, Michael  ; Münsch, Manuel
162019Modeling of wind gusts for large-eddy simulations related to fluid-structure interactionsDe Nayer, Guillaume  ; Breuer, Michael  ; Perali, Paolo; Grollmann, Kai Michael 
172017Particle agglomeration in turbulent flowsBreuer, Michael  ; Almohammed, Naser