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12017Attosecond interferometry with self-amplified spontaneous emission of a free-electron laserUsenko, Sergey; Przystawik, Andreas; Jakob, Markus Alexander; Lazzarino, Leslie Lamberto; Brenner, Günter; Toleikis, Sven; Haunhorst, Christian ; Kip, Detlef  ; Laarmann, Tim
22020Electronic metal-support interactions in vacuum vs. electrolyteJackson, Collee; Russell, Andres E.; Levecque, Pieter; Kramer, Denis ; Smith, Graham
32019Non-equilibrium crystallization pathways of manganese oxides in aqueous solutionSun, Wenhao; Kitchaev, Daniil A.; Kramer, Denis ; Ceder, Gerbrand
48-Feb-2022Versatile metal-wire waveguides for broadband terahertz signal processing and multiplexingDong, Junliang; Tomasino, Alessandro; Balistreri, Giacomo; You, Pei; Vorobiov, Anton ; Charette, Étienne; Le Drogoff, Boris; Chaker, Mohamed; Yurtsever, Aycan; Stivala, Salvatore; Vincenti, Maria A; De Angelis, Costantino; Kip, Detlef  ; Azaña, José; Morandotti, Roberto