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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12016A quantile-regression test of economic models of volunteer labor supplyEmrich, Eike; Pierdzioch, Christian 
22017Animal spirits, the stock market, and the unemployment rateFritsche, Ulrich; Pierdzioch, Christian 
32017Are Forfeitures of Olympic Medals Predictable?Emrich, Eike; Gassmann, Freya; Pierdzioch, Christian 
42017How do South-South and North-South FDI affect total factor productivity growth in developing countries?Kannen, Peter ; Donaubauer, Julian ; Herzer, Dierk 
52016Long-term Growth Effects of Natural DisastersBerlemann, Michael ; Wenzel, Daniela 
62016Media Coverage and Car Manufacturers' SalesDewenter, Ralf ; Heimeshoff, Ulrich; Thomas, Tobias
72017Predicting Advertising Volumes Using Structural Time Series ModelsDewenter, Ralf ; Heimeshoff, Ulrich
82017The long-run effect of FDI on TFP in the United StatesHerzer, Dierk