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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
1201627. 2016 Management-Revue
2201728. 2017 Management-Revue
3201829. 2018 Management-Revue
4202031. 2020 Management-Revue
52017Absenteeism as a Reaction to Harmful Behavior in the Workplace from a Stress Theory Point of ViewMartin, Albert; Matiaske, Wenzel  
62019Corporate Responsibility In the Dilemma between Fake and Trust?Matiaske, Wenzel  ; Fietze, Simon 
72018Digital transformations in healthcare professionals' workHuber, Christian ; Gärtner, Christian 
82017Digital Working Life
92017Digital Working LifeOttosson, Mikael; Fietze, Simon ; Matiaske, Wenzel  
102016Employee share ownership in GermanyOrtlieb, Renate; Matiaske, Wenzel  ; Fietze, Simon 
112016Financial Participation : IntroductionMatiaske, Wenzel  ; Pendleton, Andrew; Poutsma, Erik
122005Human Resource Management and Economic Success
132017Human Resources, Labour Relations and Organizations
142018IntroductionOttosson, Mikael; Matiaske, Wenzel  ; Fietze, Simon 
152017Introduction : Echoes of an Era - A Century of Organisational StudiesMatiaske, Wenzel  
16Jan-2018Introduction: Digital working life continuationOttosson, Mikael; Matiaske, Wenzel  ; Fietze, Simon 
172020Is There a New Meaning of Work?Brinck, Karla Louise; Hauff, Sven  ; Kirchner, Stefan
182014Managing DiversityGrözinger, Gerd; Matiaske, Wenzel  
191994Notizen aus einer SinnprovinzMatiaske, Wenzel  
202020Paternalistic Work RegimesMatiaske, Wenzel  ; Ottosson, Mikael; Fietze, Simon