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12016Development and experimental verification of a robust active noise control system for a diesel engine in submarinesSachau, Delf  ; Jukkert, Sergej ; Hövelmann, Norbert
21994Optimal placement of piezoelectric actuators in adaptive truss structuresLammering, Rolf  ; Jia, Jianhu; Rogers, Craig A.
32015Trapped mode effects in notched plate-like structuresGlushkov, Evgeny V.; Glushkova, Natalia; Eremin, Artem ; Lammering, Rolf  
42018Trapped modes and resonance wave transmission in a plate with a system of notchesGlushkov, Evgeny; Glushkova, Natalia; Eremin, Artem ; Lammering, Rolf