Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (PAMM)

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12016A numerical approach to simulate printed electronics on fiber reinforced compositesHeinrich, Felix ; Lammering, Rolf  
22013An improved modeling approach for circular flexure hinges with application to geometryFriedrich, Robert; Lammering, Rolf  
32018Coupled Simulations Involving Lightweight Structures within Turbulent FlowsWüchner, Roland; De Nayer, Guillaume  ; Wood, Jens Nikolas ; Breuer, Michael  ; Apostolatos, Andreas
42017Euler-Lagrange Simulations of Turbulent Two-phase Flows with an Advanced Deterministic Bubble Coalescence ModelBreuer, Michael  ; Hoppe, Felix 
52017Finite Element Approximation of Fluid-Structure Interaction with Coupled Wave PropagationEbna Hai, Bhuiyan Shameem Mahmood ; Bause, Markus 
6Dec-2018First Steps Towards the Direct Micro‐Macro Simulation of Reinforced Concrete Under Impact LoadingTamsen, Erik; Weber, Wolfgang ; Balzani, Daniel
72015Flexure hinge mechanisms modeled by nonlinear Euler-Bernoulli-BeamsFriedrich, Robert; Lammering, Rolf  
82014Hybrid LES-RANS Modeling of Complex Turbulent FlowsBreuer, Michael  ; Schmidt, Stephan 
9Dec-2017Ideas regarding a physically motivated selection of snapshots for POD calculations - a potential application to z-pin pullout?Weber, Wolfgang ; Fangye, Yannick F.; Zastrau, Bernd W.; Balzani, Daniel
102021Influence of the correlation lengths on the continuous mode conversionZimmermann, Eugen ; Weber, Wolfgang 
112014Kinematic modeling of flexure hinges and compliant mechanismsRösner, Malte ; Lammering, Rolf  
122015Modeling of carbon fiber reinforced plastics for wave propagation analysis in platesLammering, Rolf  ; Hennings, Bianca 
132014Numerical Comparison of Optimization Methods for Process Parameters Identification in Forming TechnologyRozgic, Marco ; Stiemer, Marcus 
142015Virtual process design on combined quasi-static and high-speed formingRozgic, Marco ; Kiliclar, Yalin; Stiemer, Marcus ; Reese, Stefanie