Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts

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12016Anger framedWagner, Valentin; Klein, Julian; Hanich, Julian; Shah, Mira; Menninghaus, Winfried; Jacobsen, Thomas  
22014Art schema effects on affective experienceWagner, Valentin; Menninghaus, Winfried; Hanich, Julian; Jacobsen, Thomas  
32015Art-elicited chills indicate states of being movedWassiliwizky, Eugen; Wagner, Valentin; Jacobsen, Thomas  ; Menninghaus, Winfried
42019Settings, sensors, and tasks: Comment on Scherer, Trznadel, Fantini, and CoutinhoJacobsen, Thomas  
52014Why we like to watch sad filmsHanich, Julian; Wagner, Valentin; Shah, Mira; Jacobsen, Thomas  ; Menninghaus, Winfried