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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12017Knowledge, Power, and Self-interestKittel, Bernhard; Kanitsar, Georg; Traub, Stefan 
22017Needs as reference pointsWeiss, Arne R.; Bauer, Alexander M.; Traub, Stefan 
32017On the Measurement of Need-based JusticeTraub, Stefan ; Bauer, Alexander M.; Siebel, Mark; Springhorn, Nils; Weiss, Arne R.
42017Recognition of needs in a dictator gameNeuhofer, Sabine; Traub, Stefan ; Paetzel, Fabian; Schwaninger, Manuel
52017Risk Taking and the Welfare StateTraub, Stefan ; Krügel, Jan Philipp 
62017Risk-taking under Different Welfare-state RegimesBenker, Meike K.; Krügel, Jan Philipp ; Traub, Stefan