PCIM Europe 2017 - International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management

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12017Automated Test Bench for the Measurement of Si-IGBT and SiC-MOSFET Hybrid SwitchesMeissner, Michael ; Fahlbusch, Sebastian ; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
22017Compact Diode-less Bidirectional GaN Based Buck Converter for Mobile DC-DC ApplicationsKlötzer, Sebastian ; Müter, Ulf; Fahlbusch, Sebastian ; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
32017DC/DC-Converter with Optimised Power Density for Integration of Multifunctional Fuel Cell Systems in Modern Aircraft ApplicationWarncke, Mathias; Fahlbusch, Sebastian ; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich 
42017Dual On-State Gate Driver Concept for Improved Drive of Silicon Carbide MOSFETsFahlbusch, Sebastian ; Fisahn, Fabian; Meissner, Michael ; Mueter, Ulf; Kloetzer, Sebastian ; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
52017Highly Integrated Silicon Carbide 80 kW Resonant Inverter for High Voltage Generation Switching at 500 kHzMüter, Ulf; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich ; Lunding, Arne; Wagner, Bernhard
62017Novel Gate Driver Technology for the Series Connection of Power SemiconductorsKemper, Johannes ; Fiedler, Boris; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich 
72017Reliability Investigation on SiC based Diode and MOSFET Modules Developed for High Power Conversion in Medical X-Ray ApplicationsOtto, Alexander; Dudek, Rainer; Rzepka, Sven; Abo Ras, Mohamad; von Essen, Tobias; Bast, Markus; Hindel, Armin; Eisele, Ronald; Müter, Ulf; Lunding, Arne