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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Investigation of distortion-constrained video encoding and its application to visual saliency guided compressionWulf, Steffen; Zölzer, Udo 
2020Investigation of the Flow Field and the Pressure Recovery in a Gas Turbine Exhaust Diffuser at Design, Part-Load and Over-Load ConditionBauer, Maximilian; Hummel, Simon; Schatz, Markus ; Kegalj, Martin; Vogt, Damian
Open Access2013Konferenz für Nachhaltige Energieversorgung und Integration von Speichern - NEIS 2013 -Schulz, Detlef 
2022Konzeption eines vereinheitlichenden Energieinformationsmodells zur Integration unterschiedlicher EnergieprofileReiche, Leif-Thore ; Runge, Maxim; Niemann, Karl-Heinz; Fay, Alexander 
Jan-2015Large-eddy simulation of a FSI-induced oscillation test case in turbulent flowMünsch, Manuel; Delgado, Antonio; Breuer, Michael 
Jan-2013Large-eddy simulation of the particle-laden turbulent flow in a cyclone separatorAlletto, Michael; Breuer, Michael 
2010LES meets FSI – Important numerical and modeling aspectsBreuer, Michael ; Münsch, Manuel
2019Modeling of wind gusts for large-eddy simulations related to fluid-structure interactionsDe Nayer, Guillaume ; Breuer, Michael ; Perali, Paolo; Grollmann, Kai Michael
2014Nachhaltige Energieversorgung und Integration von Speichern: Konferenzband ; NEIS 2014 Konferenz ; Hamburg 18.- 19. Sepember 2014
2015Nachhaltige Energieversorgung und Integration von Speichern: Tagungsband zur NEIS 2015
Open Access21-Dec-2023Nachhaltigkeitsdimensionen urbaner Luftmobilität
2018NEIS 2017: Conference on Sustainable Energy Supply and Energy Storage Systems: 21-22 Sept. 2017
2018New Opportunities using Variability Management in the Manufacturing Domain during RuntimeCaesar, Birte; Klein, Wolfram; Hildebrandt, Constantin; Törsleff, Sebastian; Fay, Alexander ; Wehrstedt, Jan Christoph
15-Nov-2010Numerical simulation of fluid-structure interaction using eddy-resolving schemesMünsch, Manuel; Breuer, Michael 
Aug-2012Numerical simulation of particle-laden turbulent flows using LESBreuer, Michael ; Alletto, Michael
2022Off-Line Detection of Abrupt and Transitional Change Points in Industrial Process SignalsManca, Gianluca; Fay, Alexander 
2016Periphere Arbeit im Zentrum
2014Pressure and hot-film measurements on a wind turbine blade operating in the atmosphereSchaffarczyk, Alois Peter; Schwab, Daniela; Ingwersen, Stefan; Breuer, Michael 
2012Refinement of a hybrid LES-URANS approach for non-equilibrium turbulent flowsBreuer, Michael ; Schmidt, Stephan
2018Requirements for Modeling Dynamic Function Networks for Collaborative Embedded SystemsLudewig, Alexander; Daun, Marian; Petrovska, Ana; Böhm, Wolfgang; Fay, Alexander