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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Task switching practice does not alter conflict processingWendt, Mike; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Jacobsen, Thomas 
2016Task-specific preparation of attentional set and task sequence-specific adjustment of response cautionWendt, Mike; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Kähler, Svantje ; Jacobsen, Thomas 
2014Technik, die die Menschen wollen: Unterstützungssysteme für Beruf und AlltagWeidner, Robert ; Redlich, Tobias ; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter 
2016Technologiebewertung zur Beschreibung für verfahrenstechnische Module - Ergebnisse des Namur AK 1.12.1Hoernicke, Mario; Holm, Thomas; Haller, Axel; Bernshausen, Jens; Schulz, Dirk; Albers, Thomas; Kotsch, Christoph; Maurmaier, Mathias; Stutz, Andreas; Bloch, Claus Henry; Hensel, Stephan
1-Dec-2010Telecommunication mashups using RESTful servicesDuke, Alistair; Stincic, Sandra; Davies, John; Álvaro Rey, Guillermo; Pedrinaci, Carlos; Maleshkova, Maria ; Domingue, John; Liu, Dong; Lecue, Freddy; Mehandjiev, Nikolay
2017Test Method for Narrowband F/TDMA-based Wireless Sensor/Actuator NetworksCammin, Christoph ; Krush, Dmytro; Heynicke, Ralf ; Scholl, Gerd 
2022The Asset Administration Shell as a solution concept for the realisation of interoperable Digital Twins of Aircraft Components in Maintenance, Repair and OverhaulWinkler, Dietmar; Gill, Milapji Singh ; Fay, Alexander 
2022The Correction of the Nozzle-Bed-Distance in Robotic Curved Layer Fused Deposition Modeling with ULTEM 9085Mewes, Gian Frederik; Höfer, Raphael ; Fay, Alexander 
2021The Correction of the Nozzle-Bed-Distance in Robotic Fused Deposition ModelingMewes, Gian Frederik; Fay, Alexander 
2020The development of a digital twin for machining processes for the application in aerospace industryHänel, Albrecht; Schnellhardt, Thorben; Wenkler, Eric; Nestler, Andreas; Brosius, Alexander; Corinth, Christian; Fay, Alexander ; Ihlenfeldt, Steffen
2021The Digital Twin of a System: A Structure for Networks of Digital TwinsReiche, Leif-Thore ; Gundlach, Claas Steffen; Mewes, Gian Frederik; Fay, Alexander 
Jan-2006The flow field in the mill - a key factor for the prediction of the comminution resultToneva, Petya; Peukert, Wolfgang; Wirth, Karl Ernst; Epple, Philipp; Breuer, Michael 
2017The German University as an Educational Institution: Analyses of its Historical, Current, and Future DevelopmentGroppe, Carola 
2013The impact of temporal pooling and spatio-temporal quality interaction on the prediction accuracy of video quality metricsWulf, Steffen; Zölzer, Udo 
2014The JamBerry - a stand-alone device for networked music performance based on the Raspberry PiKauer, Florian; Fink, Marco; Zölzer, Udo 
2023The Paddle: A Novel Procedure for Artificial Gust Generation in a Wind TunnelWood, Jens Nikolas ; Breuer, Michael 
2021The Phenomenon of Local Manufacturing: An Attempt at a Differentiation of Distributed, Re-distributed and Urban ManufacturingKrenz, Pascal ; Markert, Julia ; Saubke, Dominik ; Stoltenberg, Lisa 
8-Nov-2021The Potential of Open Source Hardware in Digital Textile ManufacturingKoppe, Jana 
2021The Role of Space as a Global Common Good for Critical Infrastructure and Industry. A Workshop ReportSchütz, Torben ; Mölling, Christian; Schimmel, Florence
2017The Standby Power of Low Power Equipment Must Be Reduced under 100 MilliwattJaschke, Reinhard Paul