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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Rapid Grid State Detection for Time-Series based on Optimized Powerflow CalculationLudwig, Marcel; Korotkiewicz, Kamil; Zdrallek, Markus; Derksen, Christian; Loose, Nils; Törsleff, Sebastian; Wassermann, Erik
2008Räumliche Schalldruckverteilung bei lokaler aktiver Lärmminderung in SchlafräumenSimanowski, Kai ; Kletschkowski, Thomas; Sachau, Delf 
2016Rb-ex-changed ridge waveguides in KTPVolk, Martin F.; Rüter, Christian E.; Eigner, Christof; Herrmann, Harald; Silberhorn, Christine; Kip, Detlef 
2016Real-time Image Processing Based Deflagration Detection and LocalisationErnst, Tobias; Fay, Alexander ; Kümmerlen, Felix
2016Real-time image processing based deflagration detection and localizationKümmerlen, Felix; Ernst, Tobias; Fay, Alexander 
2017Reasoning on Engineering Knowledge: Applications and Desired FeaturesHildebrandt, Constantin; Glawe, Matthias; Müller, Andreas W.; Fay, Alexander 
2014Reconfigurable Strategic Guidelines for Successful Co-operative Value CreationRedlich, Tobias ; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter ; Grames, Patrick Philipp
2018Reducing EMC Problems Caused by Power Semiconductors Using an Electrically Non-Conducting Heat SinkFink, Stephan; Fahlbusch, Sebastian; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich ; Dickmann, Stefan 
2013Reducing position instability of unaided inertial navigation systems in standstillKeunecke, Kristoph; Scholl, Gerd 
2012Reduction of alerts in automated systems based on a combined analysis of process connectivity and alarm logsSchleburg, Markus; Christiansen, Lars; Fay, Alexander ; Thornhill, Nina Frances
2012Refinement of a hybrid LES-URANS approach for non-equilibrium turbulent flowsBreuer, Michael ; Schmidt, Stephan
2016Reform der Reform?: Eine kritische Würdigung des neuen BundestagswahlsystemsGrotz, Florian 
2014Regelbasierte Erstellung von Topologie-Modellen im Kontext der Automatisierung der AutomatisierungChristiansen, Lars; Hörnicke, Mario; Fay, Alexander 
Open AccessMar-2024Regression via causally informed Neural NetworksYoussef, Shahenda; Doehner, Frank; Beyerer, Jürgen
2018Remarks on Direct Deterministic Integration to Compute Probability Distributions in EMCStiemer, Marcus 
2015Repair or violation detection?: Pre-attentive processing strategies of phonotactic illegality demonstrated on the constraint of g-deletion in GermanSteinberg, Johanna; Jacobsen, Thomas Konstantin; Jacobsen, Thomas 
Sep-2019Reproducibility of Fading Propability in a Reverberation Chamber for Wireless Device TestingCammin, Christoph ; Krush, Dmytro; Heynicke, Ralf ; Scholl, Gerd 
2021Requirements and conceptual design for hybrid process plantsMarkaj, Artan ; Fay, Alexander ; Hoernicke, Mario; Schoch, Nicolai; Stark, Katharina
2016Requirements engineering and modelling for building automation systemsGünther, Michelle; Scholz, André; Puntel Schmidt, Philipp; Fay, Alexander ; Diekhake, Patrick; Fuentes, Damian Eduardo Diaz; Becker, Uwe
2021Requirements for an energy data information model for a communication-independent device descriptionRunge, Maxim; Reiche, Leif-Thore ; Niemann, Karl-Heinz; Fay, Alexander ; Würger, Andreas