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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Observation of spatial gap solitons in one-dimensional distorted optically-induced photorefractive photonic latticesShandarov, V.; Shandarova, K.; Kip, D. ; Rüter, C. E.; Chen, F.; Tan, Y.
2022Off-Line Analysis of Dynamic Causal Dependencies in Evolving Industrial Alarm FloodsManca, Gianluca; Fay, Alexander 
2022Off-Line Detection of Abrupt and Transitional Change Points in Industrial Process SignalsManca, Gianluca; Fay, Alexander 
2020Offenes, webbasiertes Werkzeug zur Informationsmodellierung mit Formalisierter ProzessbeschreibungNabizada, Hamied ; Köcher, Aljosha ; Hildebrandt, Constantin; Fay, Alexander 
2016Offset-free nonlinear model predictive control of electrical power of a PEM fuel cell system using an Extended Kalman FilterHähnel, Christian; Cloppenborg, Andreas; Horn, Joachim 
21-Sep-2011OmniVoke: A framework for automating the invocation of Web APIsLi, Ning; Pedrinaci, Carlos; Maleshkova, Maria ; Kopecky, Jacek; Domingue, John
7-Sep-2017On Automating Decentralized Multi-Step Service CombinationPhilipp, Patrick; Rettinger, Achim; Maleshkova, Maria 
2013On person judgment bias caused by phoneme perceptionFlaßbeck, Christine; Erb, Hans-Peter 
May-1988On the Computation of Transonic Viscous FlowsHänel, Dieter; Breuer, Michael 
2015On the Design Methodology of Flexure-Based Compliant Mechanisms by Utilizing Pseudo-Rigid-Body Models with 3-DOF JointsKong, Nanxi; Sanders, Adam; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter 
2013On the puzzling role of sadness in aesthetic experience: the case of being movedJacobsen, Thomas ; Hanich, Julian; Wagner, Valentin
2015On the Quality of a Real Open Area Test SiteFichte, Lars Ole ; Stiemer, Marcus ; Barbary, Inès
25-Oct-2022On the Security of IO-Link Wireless Communication in the Safety DomainDoebbert, Thomas Robert ; Florian Fischer; Dominik Merli; Scholl, Gerd 
2022On the Stability and Transition to Turbulence of the Flow over a Wind-Turbine Airfoil under Varying Free-Stream Turbulence IntensityFava, Thales C. L.; Lobo, Brandon A.; Schaffarczyk, Alois P.; Breuer, Michael ; Hanifi, Ardeshir; Henningson, Dan S.
2015On the Validity and Statistical Significance of HEMP Test StandardsFichte, Lars Ole ; Knoth, Sven ; Potthast, Stefan; Sabath, Frank; Stiemer, Marcus 
2009One-dimensional bulk and planar photorefractive photonic superlattices in lithium niobate: Features of linear and nonlinear discrete diffractionShandarova, Ksenia; Shandarov, Vladimir; Tan, Yang; Chen, Feng; Rüter, Christian; Kip, Detlef 
2015Online Network Impedance Idendification with Wave-Package and Inter-Harmonic SignalsJordan, Michael; Grumm, Florian ; Wilken, Hauke; Do, Thanh Trung; Schulz, Detlef 
2018Online Network Impedance Spectrometer for the Medium-Voltage LevelJordan, Michael; Grumm, Florian ; Kaatz, Gesa; Meyer, Marc Florian ; Wilken, Hauke; Schulz, Detlef 
2020Online-Correction of Robot-Guided Fused Deposition ModelingMewes, Gian; Fay, Alexander 
2020Online-Korrektur eines Roboter-geführten FDM-3D-Druck-ProzessesMewes, Gian; Fay, Alexander