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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013C3.1 - Wireless AutomationScholl, Gerd ; Heynicke, Ralf ; Krüger, Dirk; Hornung, Rainer
2013C3.4 - Improved Energy Efficiency Through Integration of Self- Powered Sensors with Mobile CommunicationKärcher, Bernd; Scholl, Gerd ; Keunecke, Kristoph; Mintenbeck, Dieter
2013C4.1 - Low-Cost Spectrum Analyzer for Cognitive Radio Applications and Coexistence Management in the 2.4 GHz ISM-BandHornung, Rainer; Heynicke, Ralf ; Scholl, Gerd ; Mintenbeck, Dieter
2014Camera Assisted Field Strength Measurement System for Industrial EnvironmentsSchröder, Timo; Scholl, Gerd 
2022Capabilities and Skills in Manufacturing: A Survey Over the Last Decade of ETFAFroschauer, Roman; Köcher, Aljosha ; Meixner, Kristof; Schmitt, Siwara; Spitzer, Fabian
2015Cascaded prediction in ADPCM codec structuresFink, Marco; Zölzer, Udo 
Mar-2022Challenges in Automated Commercial Aircraft ProductionGehlhoff, Felix ; Nabizada, Hamied ; Weigand, Maximilian ; Beers, Lasse ; Ismail, Omar ; Wenzel, Alexander; Fay, Alexander ; Nyhuis, Peter; Lagutin, Wladislav; Röhrig, Martin
2018Challenges in the engineering of adaptable and flexible industrial factoriesBöhm, Birthe; Zeller, Marc; Vollmar, Jan; Weiß, Stefanie; Höfig, Kai; Malik, Vincent; Unverdorben, Stephan; Hildebrandt, Constantin
2022Chancen und Herausforderungen für Künstliche Intelligenz in kleinen und mittelständischen UnternehmenVranjes, Daniel ; Topalis, Philip ; Niggemann, Oliver 
2017Characterising Damages of the Main Pressing and Heat Transferring Element within the Hybrid Contact Laser Sintering ProcessMontag, Tobias; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter 
2014Characterization of diced ridge waveguides in pure and Er-doped lithium-niobate-on-insulator (LNOI) substratesRüter, C. E.; Suntsov, S.; Kip, Detlef ; Stone, G.; Dierolf, V.; Hu, H.; Sohler, W.
2020Choreographies in Microservice-Based Automation Architectures : Next Level of Flexibility for Industrial Cyber-Physical SystemsStutz, Andreas; Fay, Alexander ; Barth, Mike; Maurmaier, Mathias
9-Nov-2020Co-Creation in the era of bottom-up economics - Democratizing Innovation and Manufacturing with Open Source Hardware and OpenLabs, Exploring co-creation practices across the private-public divideRedlich, Tobias 
2021Coexistence Management Methods and Tools for IO-Link WirelessKrush, Dmytro; Cammin, Christoph ; Doebbert, Thomas Robert ; Heynicke, Ralf ; Scholl, Gerd 
2016Coexisting wireless sensor networks in cyber-physical production systemsCammin, Christoph ; Krush, Dmytro; Heynicke, Ralf ; Scholl, Gerd ; Schulze, Christopher; Tiede, Sebastian; Herrmann, Christoph
2013Cold gas spraying of semiconductor coatings for the photooxidation of waterEmmler, T.; Gutzmann, Henning; Hillebrand, P.; Gärtner, Frank ; Klassen, Thomas 
2013Cold Spraying of Cu-Al-Bronze for Cavitation Protection in Marine EnvironmentsKrebs, Sebastian; Wirth, Oliver; Gärtner, Frank ; Klassen, Thomas 
2016Collaborative competition or competitive collaboration?: Exploring the user behavior paradox in community-based innovation contestsMoritz, Manuel ; Redlich, Tobias ; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter 
2015Collinear formation control of autonomous robots to move towards a target using artificial force fieldsDang, Anh Duc; Horn, Joachim 
2021Communication of energy data in automation systemsReiche, Leif-Thore ; Runge, Maxim; Niemann, Karl-Heinz; Fay, Alexander