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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20221973, 1972, 1971 … Über alte Warnungen und das Unheimliche, das kommt. Ein weiterer Revitalisierungsversuch ästhetischer BildungSanders, Olaf 
20081D photonic lattices optically induced in planar waveguides and bulk lithium niobate samples using projection techniqueGusev, A.; Kanshu, A.; Shandarova, K.; Shandarov, V.; Kip, D. ; Rüter, C. E.; Chen, F.; Tan, Y.
2013A 21: Neuartige Vorschubeinheiten für kleine WerkzeugmaschinenKong, Nanxi; Bödrich, T.; Pollmann, J.; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter ; Lienig, J.; Meier, H.
2017A Bayesian approach to model calibration and parameter estimation in potential drop measuringBerg, Thomas; Ende, Sven von; Lammering, Rolf
2019A Capability Model for the Adaptation of Manufacturing SystemsHoang, Xuan-Luu; Fay, Alexander 
2006A Comparative Study of the Turbulent Flow Over a Periodic Arrangement of Smoothly Contoured HillsBreuer, Michael ; Jaffrézic, Benoit; Peller, Nikolaus; Manhart, Michael; Fröhlich, Jochen; Hinterberger, Christof; Rodi, Wolfgang; Deng, G.; Chikhaoui, Oussama; Sanjin, Šarić; Jakirlić, Suad
2012A discrete-event modeling of ARGESIM Benchmark C20 Complex Production System using Flexsim simulation softwareSchulz, Eike; Paul, Josef; Schreiber, Sebastian; Fay, Alexander 
2018A Domain Decomposition Method to Simulate the Response of Biological Cell Systems Exposed to Radio FrequencyBöhmelt, Sebastian; Kielian, Nils ; Dudzinski, Michael; Rozgic, Marco; Stiemer, Marcus 
2013A Five-Level High Frequency Zero-voltage-Switching Neural-Point-Clamped Inverter for Energy Transfer with Resonant TankDüerkop, Christian; Woywode, Oliver; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
2021A Flexible Multi-Channel Feedback FxLMS Architecture for FPGA PlatformsKlemd, Alexander; Klauer, Bernd ; Timmermann, Johannes ; Sachau, Delf 
1-Sep-2020A Formal Capability and Skill Model for Use in Plug and Produce ScenariosKöcher, Aljosha ; Hildebrandt, Constantin; Vieira da Silva, Luis Miguel ; Fay, Alexander 
2013A Fully Automatic Ship Localization Algorithm for Complex BackgroundsCamino, Irene; Zölzer, Udo 
2015A generalized method for the derivation of non-linear state-space models from circuit schematicsHolters, Martin 
1-Jan-2022A generic EV charging model extracted from real charging behaviourHeider, Felix; Jahic, Amra ; Plenz, Maik ; Troger, Konstantin; Schulz, Detlef 
2015A Generic Optimization Tool for Power Plant Dispatch and Energy Storage System OperationWeiß, Thomas; Schulz, Detlef 
2016A Glimpse of user product innovation in Nigerian manufacturing and services industriesOladele-Emmanuel, Babasile Daniel; Redlich, Tobias 
Open AccessMar-2024A Hybrid model for hot rolling pass schedule design using reinforcement learningKemmerling, Marco; Frahm, Nils; Idzik, Christian; Abdelrazeq, Anas; Bailly, David; Schmitt, Robert H.
2017A Knowledge Carrying Service-Component Architecture for Smart Cyber Physical SystemsHaubeck, Christopher; Lamersdorf, Wilfried; Fay, Alexander 
2016A linear and lifting stage on basis of compliant mechanisms for the realisation of a correction mechanism in a machine tool to perform micro deep hole drills in a round stockSanders, Adam; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter 
Jul-2022A Machine Learning Approach for Revenue Management in Cloud ManufacturingAdomat, Vincent ; Ehrhardt, Jonas ; Kober, Christian ; Ahanpanjeh, Maryam ; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter