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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201416-Channel O-OFDM demultiplexer in silicon photonicsRahim, Abdul; Schwarz, Stefan ; Bruns, Jürgen; Schäffer, Christian G.  
201317.2 System Dynamic Optimization in the Sustainability Assessment of a World-ModeFügenschuh, Armin ; Vierhaus, Ingmar
201317.3 Production Planning for Non-Cooperating Companies with Nonlinear OptimizationFügenschuh, Armin ; Veldhuizen, Roel van; Vierhaus, Ingmar
201317.7 A System Dynamic Enhancement for the Scenario TechniqueBrose, Achim; Fügenschuh, Armin ; Gausemeier, Pia
20081D photonic lattices optically induced in planar waveguides and bulk lithium niobate samples using projection techniqueGusev, A.; Kanshu, A.; Shandarova, K.; Shandarov, V.; Kip, D.  ; Rüter, C. E. ; Chen, F.; Tan, Y.
201420 Jahre nach dem Völkermord in Ruanda - was haben wir gelernt?: Vortrag, FotopräsentationBrockmeier, Sarah; Bohnert, Marcel 
20152D fresnel diffraction approach for wind turbine forward scatteringRaza, Muhammad Bilal ; Fickenscher, Thomas 
20183.2 : 1 GBaud Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution Using Pilot Tone Assisted Heerodyne DetectionRückmann, Max ; Kleis, Sebastian ; Schäffer, Christian G.  
20184.4: Influence of Non-Ideal First Order Counter-Propagating Raman Amplification on Discrete Nonlinear Fourier Spectrum based CommunicationGeisler, Alexander ; Leibrich, Jochen ; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2013A 21: Neuartige Vorschubeinheiten für kleine WerkzeugmaschinenKong, Nanxi; Bödrich, T.; Pollmann, J.; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter ; Lienig, J.; Meier, H.
2018A 3G-LDA Study of the Relation Between Coincident and Time Stepped Non-Coincident Stress Measurements in a Linear Compressor CascadeGeist, Silvio ; Harbeck, Janneck Christoph ; Joos, Franz 
2017A Bayesian approach to model calibration and parameter estimation in potential drop measuringBerg, Thomas ; Ende, Sven von ; Lammering, Rolf  
2015A comprehensive understanding of the forward scattering of radar signals at the rotor of a wind turbineFickenscher, Thomas ; Raza, Muhammad Bilal 
2020A Concept for the Automated Reconfiguration of QuadcoptersBalzereit, Kaja; Niggemann, Oliver ; Fuller, Marta
2013A Counter Rocket, Artillery and Mortar System with Laser Simulation SoftwareEpp, Maria; Rothe, Hendrik 
2017A Coupled CFD-FEM Analysis to Simulate Blast Effects on High Security Vehicles Using Modern HydrocodesRamezani, Arash ; Hillig, Burghard; Rothe, Hendrik 
2018A Domain Decomposition Method to Simulate the Response of Biological Cell Systems Exposed to Radio FrequencyBöhmelt, Sebastian; Kielian, Nils ; Dudzinski, Michael; Rozgic, Marco ; Stiemer, Marcus 
2013A Five-Level High Frequency Zero-voltage-Switching Neural-Point-Clamped Inverter for Energy Transfer with Resonant TankDüerkop, Christian; Woywode, Oliver; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
2021A Flexible Multi-Channel Feedback FxLMS Architecture for FPGA PlatformsKlemd, Alexander ; Klauer, Bernd ; Timmermann, Johannes ; Sachau, Delf  
1-Sep-2020A Formal Capability and Skill Model for Use in Plug and Produce ScenariosKöcher, Aljosha ; Hildebrandt, Constantin ; Vieira da Silva, Luis Miguel ; Fay, Alexander