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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1998Observation of bright spatial photorefractive solitons in a planar strontium barium niobate waveguideKip, Detlef ; Wesner, M.; Shandarov, V.; Moretti, P.
2000Observation of dark spatial photovoltaic solitons in planar waveguides in lithium niobateShandarov, V.; Kip, D. ; Wesner, M.; Hukriede, J.
2012Observation of discrete gap solitons in one-dimensional waveguide arrays with alternating spacings and saturable defocusing nonlinearityKanshu, A.; Rüter, Christian E.; Kip, Detlef ; Shandarov, V.; Beličev, Petra P.; Ilic, Igor; Stepić, Milutin
Jul-2007Observation of higher-order solitons in defocusing waveguide arraysSmirnov, Eugene; Rüter, Christian E.; Kip, Detlef ; Kartashov, Yaroslav V; Torner, Lluis
Jan-2006Observation of modulational instability in discrete media with self-defocusing nonlinearityStepić, Milutin; Wirth, Christian; Rüter, Christian E.; Kip, Detlef 
2010Observation of parity-time symmetry in optical systemsRüter, Christian E.; Makris, K. G.; El-Ganainy, R.; Christodoulides, D. N.; Segev, M.; Kip, Detlef 
Jan-2010Observation of parity-time symmetry in opticsRüter, Christian E.; Makris, Konstantinos G.; El-Ganainy, Ramy; Christodoulides, Demetrios N.; Segev, Mordechai; Kip, Detlef 
2010Observation of Piezoelectrically Induced Lamb Wave Propagation in Thin Plates by Use of Speckle InterferometryLammering, Rolf
Aug-2006Observation of staggered surface solitary waves in one-dimensional waveguide arraysSmirnov, Eugene; Stepić, Milutin; Rüter, Christian E.; Kip, Detlef ; Shandarov, Vladimir
2000Observation of two-dimensional multimode solitionsCarmon, Tal; Anastassiou, Charalambos; Lan, Song; Kip, Detlef ; Musslimani, Ziad H.; Segev, Mordechai; Christodoulides, Demetrios
2002Observation of two-dimensional spatial solitons in iron-doped barium-calcium titanate crystalsXu, J.; Shandarov, V.; Wesner, M.; Kip, D. 
2018Observing local dynamics of ILSA projections in federal systems: a comparison between Germany and the United StatesHartong, Sigrid ; Niemann, Dennis; Martens, Kerstin
2017Observing the “local globalness” of policy transfer in educationHartong, Sigrid ; Nikolai, Rita
2022Offene Rechtswissenschaft – Chancen einer Open-Science-TransformationEbert, Saskia; Eisentraut, Nikolas; Goldberg, Katharina ; Nachtigall, Rhea; Petras, Maximilian; Ramson, Lasse; Wasnick, Lars
1998Offenheit und Geschlossenheit in Organisationen: Zur Validierung eines Meßinstruments (FOGO - Fragebogen zur Offenheit/Geschlossenheit in Organisationen)Gebert, Diether; Boerner, Sabine; Matiaske, Wenzel 
2012Offenheitsmetrik für Engineering-Werkzeuge: Die Fähigkeit zur Interoperabilität bewertenDrath, Rainer; Barth, Mike; Fay, Alexander 
2019Olfactory dysfunction: properties of the Sniffin Sticks Screening 12 test and associations with quality of lifeHinz, Andreas; Luck, Tobias; Riedel-Heller, Steffi G.; Rolffs, Claudia; Wirkner, Kerstin; Engel, Christoph; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
28-Jan-2020On agent-based decentralized and integrated scheduling for small-scale manufacturingGehlhoff, Felix ; Fay, Alexander 
2020On agent-based decentralized and integrated scheduling for small-scale manufacturingGehlhoff, Felix ; Fay, Alexander 
Jun-2023On linear models for discrete operator inference in time dependent problemsSchumann, Yannis ; Neumann, Philipp