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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201724.2017 Industrielle Beziehungen
201724h-Stunden-SchwimmenHöbig, Luca Joshua 
2017598 : Die Regelgröße des Bundestages von 598 Abgeordneten wird durch das Wahlrecht zur Makulatur.Grotz, Florian  ; Vehrkamp, Robert 
2018A constitutive model for the analysis of second harmonic Lamb waves in unidirectional compositesRauter, Natalie ; Lammering, Rolf  
2018A critical comparison of selected implicit measurement methodsZnanewitz, Judith ; Braun, Lisa ; Hensel, David ; Fantapié Altobelli, Claudia ; Hattke, Fabian 
2018A deterministic and viable coalescence model for Euler-Lagrange simulations of turbulent microbubble-laden flowsHoppe, Felix ; Breuer, Michael 
2017A fast and robust hybrid method for block-structured mesh deformation with emphasis on FSI-LES applicationsSen, Shuvam ; De Nayer, Guillaume ; Breuer, Michael 
2018A full ARMA model for counts with bounded support and its application to rainy-days time seriesGouveia, Sónia ; Möller, Tobias ; Weiß, Christian H. ; Scotto, Manuel G. 
2017A fuzzy goal programming approach to analyse sustainable development goals of IndiaNormani, Mohammad Asin ; Ali, Irfan ; Fügenschuh, Armin ; Ahmed, Aquil 
2017A life course perspective on the income-to-health relationshipNagel, Korbinian 
2018A machinelearning analysis of the rationality of aggregate stock market forecastsPierdzioch, Christian ; Risse, Marian 
2018A mixed discontinuous-continuous Galerkin time discretisation for Biot's systemKöcher, Uwe ; Bause, Markus 
2017A multi-threaded local search algorithm and computer implementation for the multi-mode, resource-constrained multi-project scheduling problemGeiger, Martin Josef  
2018A multiperiod auto-carrier transportation problem with probabilistic future demandsBilling, Christian ; Jaehn, Florian ; Wensing, Thomas 
2017A novel catalytic route for hydrogenation dehydrogenation of 2LiH +MgB2via in situ formed coreshell LixTiO2 nanoparticlesPuszkiel, Julián A. ; Castro Riglos, M. V. ; Ramallo-López, José M. ; Mizrahi, Martin ; Karimi, Fahim ; Santoru, Antonio ; Hoell, Armin ; Gennari, Fabiana C. ; Larochette, Pierre Arneodo ; Pistidda, Claudio ; Klassen, Thomas  ; Bellosta von Colbe, José M. ; Dornheim, Martin 
2016A numerical approach to simulate printed electronics on fiber reinforced compositesHeinrich, Felix ; Lammering, Rolf  
2017A one-dimensional analytical calculation method for obtaining normal shock losses in supersonic real gas flowsPassmann, Maximilian ; aus der Wiesche, Stefan ; Joos, Franz 
2018A simple signaling rule for variable lifeadjusted display derived from an equivalent riskadjusted CUSUM chartWittenberg, Philipp ; Gan, Fah Fatt ; Knoth, Sven  
2018A systematic approach for supporting the adaptation process of discrete manufacturing machinesMarks, Philipp ; Hoang, Xuan Luu ; Weyrich, Michael ; Fay, Alexander  
2017A workflow support system for the process and automationengineering of production plantsGhobadi-Bigvand, Pouria ; Fay, Alexander