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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-2013TadschikistanGiesecke, Martin 
-2013TadschikistanHenkel, Philipp 
-2013TadschikistanMelzer, Robert 
-2013TadschikistanMelzer, Robert 
-2016Tag der Bundeswehr
-2016Tagungsband - 11. Hamburger Staplertagung
-2015TagungsberichtEuler, Alexander ; Klee, Marlo ; Swieter, Wiebke ; Täger, Chrisoph 
-2021Tailoring cold spray additive manufacturing of steel 316 L for static and cyclic load-bearing applicationsBagherifard, Sara ; Kondas, Jan ; Monti, Stefan ; Cizek, Frantisek ; Perego, Fabrizio ; Gaertner, Frank ; Guagliano, Mario 
-2019Tailoring the hydrogen sorption properties of the system 2LiBH4+MgH2 / 2LiH+MgB2Le, Thi Thu 
-2013Tajik State National UniversityAckermann, Tobias 
-2018Takt versus RhythmusBerner, Esther 
-2018Takt vs. RhythmusBerner, Esther 
-2018Target–distractor congruency: sequential effects in a temporal flanker taskTomat, Miriam ; Wendt, Mike ; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Sprengel, Michael ; Jacobsen, Thomas  
-2016Die "Task force Internetplattformen" des BundeskartellamtsDewenter, Ralf 
-2017Task switching practice does not alter conflict processingWendt, Mike ; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Jacobsen, Thomas  
-2016Task-specific preparation of attentional set and task sequence-specific adjustment of response cautionWendt, Mike ; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Kähler, Svantje ; Jacobsen, Thomas  
-2017TauschMatiaske, Wenzel  
-2019Tax Competition and the Distribution of IncomeTraub, Stefan  ; Yang, Hongyan 
-2000Tax competition through tax evasionBeckmann, Klaus Bertram 
-2014Tax evasion and cognitive dissonanceBeckmann, Klaus Bertram ; Gattke, Susan