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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018ObjectivesLammering, Rolf  ; Duczek, Sascha ; Gabbert, Ulrich 
2010Observation of Piezoelectrically Induced Lamb Wave Propagation in Thin Plates by Use of Speckle InterferometryLammering, Rolf  
2018Of Heroes and CowardsSangar, Eric ; Clément, Maéva Pauline ; Lindemann, Thomas 
2010OFDM-basierte MIMO-Kanalmessungen mit verschiedenen AntennenLieberei, Matthias 
2017Offers Beyond the Negotiating DyadSchwaninger, Manuel ; Neuhofer, Sabine ; Kittel, Bernhard 
2017OfficiumMeißner, Burkhard 
2018OLEQ - Oldenburg Epistemic Beliefs QuestionnaireBerding, Florian ; Paechter, Manuela ; Rebmann, Karin ; Schlömer, Tobias ; Mokwinski, Björn ; Hanekamp, Yvonne ; Arendasy, Martin 
28-Jan-2020On agent-based decentralized and integrated scheduling for small-scale manufacturingGehlhoff, Felix ; Fay, Alexander  
2017On an effective approach for the coach trip with shuttle service problem of the VeRoLog solver challenge 2015Geiger, Martin Josef  
2018On ARL-unbiased c-charts for INAR(1) Poisson countsPaulino, Sofia ; Morais, Manuel Cabral ; Knoth, Sven  
2018On ARL-Unbiased Charts to Monitor the Traffic Intensity of a Single Server QueueMorais, Manuel Cabral ; Knoth, Sven  
2017On Eigenvalues of the Transition Matrix of Some Count-Data Markov ChainsWeiß, Christian H. 
2017On exchange-rate movements and gold-price fluctuationsBalcilar, Mehmet ; Gupta, Rangan ; Pierdzioch, Christian 
2008On Galois Correspondence and Non-Commutative MartingalesSaffary, Timor 
2014On optimal tax differences between heterogeneous groupsBeckmann, Klaus Bertram ; Franz, Nele E. ; Schneider, Andrea 
2019On some measures of ordinal variationWeiß, Christian H. 
2019On some measures of ordinal variationWeiß, Christian H. 
2017On The Determination of Material Degradation in Composites by use of Non-Linear Wave Propagation AnalysisNguyen, Vu Ngoc ; Rauter, Natalie ; Lammering, Rolf  
2019On the Directional Accuracy of United States Housing StartsForecasts:Meyer, Tim 
2017On the effects of transparency and reciprocity on labor supply in the redistribution systemsChugunova, Marina ; Nicklisch, Andreas ; Schnapp, Kai-Uwe