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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-2013A 21Kong, Nanxi ; Bödrich, T. ; Pollmann, J. ; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter ; Lienig, J. ; Meier, H. 
-2009A 2D finite-element scheme for fluid-solid-acoustic interactions and its application to human phonationLink, Gerhard ; Kaltenbacher, Manfred ; Breuer, Michael  ; Döllinger, Michael 
-2018A 3G-LDA Study of the Relation Between Coincident and Time Stepped Non-Coincident Stress Measurements in a Linear Compressor CascadeGeist, Silvio ; Harbeck, Janneck Christoph ; Joos, Franz 
-2018A Bayesian Analysis of the Efficiency of Growth and Inflation Forecasts for GermanyBehrens, Christoph ; Pierdzioch, Christian ; Risse, Marian 
-2017A Bayesian approach to model calibration and parameter estimation in potential drop measuringBerg, Thomas ; Ende, Sven von ; Lammering, Rolf  
-2016A Binomial Integer-Valued ARCH ModelRistić, Miroslav M. ; Weiß, Christian H. ; Janjić, Ana D. 
-2016A boosting approach to forecasting gold and silver returnsPierdzioch, Christian ; Risse, Marian ; Rohloff, Sebastian 
-2016A boosting approach to forecasting the volatility of gold-price fluctuations under flexible lossPierdzioch, Christian ; Risse, Marian ; Rohloff, Sebastian 
-2000A challenging test case for large eddy simulationBreuer, Michael  
-2004A combined analytical-numerical method for treating corner singularities in viscous flow predictionsShi, Jun Mei ; Breuer, Michael  ; Durst, Franz 
-2019A combined Shewhart-CUSUM chart with switching limitOttenstreuer, Sebastian ; Weiß, Christian H. ; Knoth, Sven  
-Jan-2014A comparative study on the influence of the gas flow rate on the hydrodynamics of a gas-solid spouted fluidized bed using Euler-Euler and Euler-Lagrange/DEM modelsAlmohammed, Naser ; Alobaid, Falah ; Breuer, Michael  ; Epple, Bernd 
-2015A comprehensive understanding of the forward scattering of radar signals at the rotor of a wind turbineFickenscher, Thomas ; Raza, Muhammad Bilal 
-2020A Concept for the Automated Reconfiguration of QuadcoptersBalzereit, Kaja ; Niggemann, Oliver ; Fuller, Marta 
-2015A concept of the euro as a parallel currencyMeyer, Dirk 
-2018A constitutive model for the analysis of second harmonic Lamb waves in unidirectional compositesRauter, Natalie ; Lammering, Rolf  
-2013A Counter Rocket, Artillery and Mortar System with Laser Simulation SoftwareEpp, Maria ; Rothe, Hendrik 
-2017A Coupled CFD-FEM Analysis to Simulate Blast Effects on High Security Vehicles Using Modern HydrocodesRamezani, Arash ; Hillig, Burghard ; Rothe, Hendrik 
-2018A critical comparison of selected implicit measurement methodsZnanewitz, Judith ; Braun, Lisa ; Hensel, David ; Fantapié Altobelli, Claudia ; Hattke, Fabian 
-2016A critique of the Richardson equationsBeckmann, Klaus ; Gattke, Susan ; Lechner, Anja ; Reimer, Lennart