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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Towards a topological re-assemblage of education policy? Observing the implementation of performance data infrastructures and centers of calculation in GermanyKamp-Hartong, Sigrid 
2015Towards FSIWood, Jens Nikolas ; Breuer, Michael  
2018Towards soft, adjustable, self-unfoldable and modular robotsWeidner, Robert ; Meyer, Tobias ; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter 
2018Towards the fully dynamic system of poroelasticityBause, Markus ; Anselmann, Mathias ; Becker, S. ; Köcher, Uwe ; Matthies, G. ; Radu, Florin Adrian ; Schieweck, F. 
2018Trade, inequality, and subjective well-beingDluhosch, Barbara  
2013Trading Up the Happiness LadderDluhosch, Barbara  ; Horgos, Daniel 
2006Traditionsreicher Steuerungsmechanismus - mit welcher Zukunft?Klenk, Tanja  ; Braun, Bernard 
2015Traffic condition monitoring using weighted kernel density for intelligent transportationLee, Chi Chung ; Lee, Wah Ching ; Cai, Haoyankit ; Haase, Jan ; Gidlund, Mikael 
2018Train-the-TrainerGärtner, Christian ; Kannenberg, Wiebke 
2016Transaktionsbezogene Netto-Margen-Methode (TNMM)Kaminski, Bert 
2016TransferpaketKaminski, Bert 
2015Transformation of continuous simulation models of automated manufacturing systems into discrete event models on different levels of detailPuntel Schmidt, Philipp ; Fay, Alexander  
2016Transformation of the NAMUR MTP to OPC UA to allow plug and produce for modular process automationWassilew, Sachari ; Urbas, Leon ; Ladiges, Jan ; Fay, Alexander  ; Holm, Thomas 
2013Transforming time constraints of a GRAFCET graph into a suitable Petri net formalismSchumacher, Frank ; Fay, Alexander  
15-Jan-2009Transient 3D simulation of Czochralski crystal growth considering diameter variationsRaufeisen, Alexander ; Breuer, Michael  ; Botsch, Tilmann W. ; Delgado, Antonio 
Open Access2008Transient angeregte LAMB-Wellen in elastischen und viskoelastischen Platten - Berechnung und experimentelle Verifikation -Ende, Sven von 
1999Transient enhancement of photorefractive gratings in lead germanate by homogeneous pyroelectric fieldsYue, Xuefeng; Mendricks, S.; Nikolajsen, T.; Hesse, H.; Kip, Detlef  ; Krätzig, E.
2017Transition and Alkali Metal Complex Ternary Amides for Ammonia Synthesis and DecompositionCao, Hujun ; Guo, Jianping ; Chang, Fei ; Pistidda, Claudio ; Zhou, Wei ; Zhang, Xilun ; Santoru, Antonio ; Wu, Hui ; Schell, Norbert ; Niewa, Rainer ; Chen, Ping ; Klassen, Thomas  ; Dornheim, Martin 
2016Transitional justice in post-revolutionary Tunisia (20112013)Preysing, Domenica