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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-20073D computation of oxygen transport in Czochralski crystal growth of silicon considering evaporationRaufeisen, Alexander ; Jana, Soumen ; Breuer, Michael  ; Botsch, Tilmann W. ; Durst, Franz 
-2009A 2D finite-element scheme for fluid-solid-acoustic interactions and its application to human phonationLink, Gerhard ; Kaltenbacher, Manfred ; Breuer, Michael  ; Döllinger, Michael 
-2004A combined analytical-numerical method for treating corner singularities in viscous flow predictionsShi, Jun Mei ; Breuer, Michael  ; Durst, Franz 
-Jan-2014A comparative study on the influence of the gas flow rate on the hydrodynamics of a gas-solid spouted fluidized bed using Euler-Euler and Euler-Lagrange/DEM modelsAlmohammed, Naser ; Alobaid, Falah ; Breuer, Michael  ; Epple, Bernd 
-Feb-2020A deterministic breakup model for Euler–Lagrange simulations of turbulent microbubble-laden flowsHoppe, Felix ; Breuer, Michael  
-1993A dual time-stepping method for 3-d, viscous, incompressible vortex flowsBreuer, Michael  ; Hänel, Dieter 
-Jul-2017A fast and robust hybrid method for block-structured mesh deformation with emphasis on FSI-LES applicationsSen, Shuvam ; De Nayer, Guillaume  ; Breuer, Michael  
Open AccessDec-2020A Geometric Representation and Similarity Measure for Clustering Based Anomaly Detection in Industrial Automation SystemsLi, Peng 
Open Access2017A Mode Reduction Technique for the Multi-Mode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling ProblemStürck, Christian 
-May-2013A new turbulent three-dimensional FSI benchmark FSI-PFS-3AKalmbach, Andreas ; De Nayer, Guillaume  ; Breuer, Michael  
-1996A parallel multigrid method for the prediction of incompressible flows on workstation clustersWechsler, Klaus ; Breuer, Michael  ; Durst, Franz 
-Dec-2020A source-term formulation for injecting wind gusts in CFD simulationsDe Nayer, Guillaume  ; Breuer, Michael  
-Apr-2000Accurate computations of the laminar flow past a square cylinder based on two different methodsBreuer, Michael  ; Bernsdorf, J. ; Zeiser, Thomas ; Durst, Franz 
Open Access2020Adaptive Lärmminderung an einem teilgeöffneten Fenster mittels mehrdimensionaler Regelung - Konstruktive und algorithmische Optimierung und Umsetzung als Hardware-SchaltungHanselka, Jonas 
Open Access2019Algorithms for High-Performance State-Machine ReplicationPoke, Marius 
-Aug-2003An improved numerical study of the wall effect on hot-wire measurementsShi, Jun Mei ; Breuer, Michael  ; Durst, Franz ; Schäfer, Michael 
-2003Analysis of heat transfer from single wires close to wallsShi, Jun Mei ; Gerlach, D. ; Breuer, Michael  ; Durst, Franz ; Lange, Carlos F. 
-2008Analysis of turbulent structures in a czochralski system using DNS and LES predictionsRaufeisen, Alexander ; Breuer, Michael  ; Botsch, Tilmann W. ; Delgado, Antonio 
-2009Anisotropy invariant reynolds stress model of turbulence (airsm) and its application to attached and separated wall-Bounded flowsKumar, Virat vijay ; Frohnapfel, Bettina ; Jovanović, Jovan ; Breuer, Michael  ; Zuo, W. ; Hadzić, I. ; Lechner, R. 
-May-2006Anisotropy-invariant mapping of turbulence in a flow past an unswept airfoil at high angle of attackJoviĉić, Nikola ; Breuer, Michael  ; Jovanović, J.