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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Utility dependent processing of distractor information and reduction of distractor interference over timeGillich, Imke ; Wendt, Mike ; Jacobsen, Thomas  
2014Utility-Based Early Modulation of Processing Distracting Stimulus InformationWendt, Mike ; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Jacobsen, Thomas  
2019What Are Aesthetic Emotions?Menninghaus, Winfried ; Wagner, Valentin ; Wassiliwizky, Eugen ; Schindler, Ines ; Hanich, Julian ; Jacobsen, Thomas  ; Koelsch, Stefan 
2014Why we like to watch sad filmsHanich, Julian ; Wagner, Valentin ; Shah, Mira ; Jacobsen, Thomas  ; Menninghaus, Winfried