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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Changes in room acoustics elicit a mismatch negativity in the absence of overall interaural intensity differencesFrey, Johannes D. ; Wendt, Mike ; Löw, Andreas ; Möller, Stephan ; Zölzer, Udo ; Jacobsen, Thomas  
2017Cognitive functioning and emotion processing in breast cancer survivors and controlsWirkner, Janine ; Weymar, Mathias ; Löw, Andreas ; Hamm, Carmen ; Struck, Anne-Marie ; Kirschbaum, Clemens ; Hamm, Alfons O. 
2013Conflict adjustment devoid of perceptual selectionWendt, Mike ; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Kiesel, Andrea ; Jacobsen, Thomas  
2013Congruency ratio-based modulation of early distractor processingWendt, Mike ; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Jacobsen, Thomas  
2016Control over extent and timing of distractor-based response activiationJost, Kerstin; Wendt, Mike ; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Löw, Andreas ; Jacobsen, Thomas  
2016Control over timing of utility-based response activationJost, Kerstin; Wendt, Mike ; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Jacobsen, Thomas  
2017Cultural and species differences in gazing patterns for marked and decorated objectsMühlenbeck, Cordelia; Jacobsen, Thomas  ; Pritsch, Carla; Liebal, Katja
2018Cultural sciences and representation of culture in the mind, and bodyJacobsen, Thomas  
2017Decorated objects and symmetric patternsMühlenbeck, Cordelia; Pritsch, Carla; Liebal, Katja; Jacobsen, Thomas  
2016Differences in the Visual Perception of Symmetric Patterns in Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus abelii) and Two Human Cultural GroupsMühlenbeck, Cordelia; Liebal, Katja; Pritsch, Carla; Jacobsen, Thomas  
2013Discrimination of personally significant from nonsignificant soundsRoye, Anja ; Jacobsen, Thomas  ; Schröger, Erich 
2017Domain generality and domain specificity in aesthetic appreciationJacobsen, Thomas  ; Beudt, Susan 
2014Domain specificity and mental chronometry in empirical aestheticsJacobsen, Thomas  
2018Dual-Tasking in the Near-Hand SpaceHosang, Thomas Jean ; Fischer, Rico ; Pomp, Jennifer ; Liepelt, Roman 
2014Early processing of distractor stimuli is adjusted to overall distractor utilityWendt, Mike ; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Jacobsen, Thomas  
2017Effect of explicit evaluation on neural connectivity related to listening to unfamiliar musicLiu, Chao ; Brattico, Elvira ; Abu-Jamous, Basel ; Pereira, Carlos S. ; Jacobsen, Thomas  ; Nandi, Asoke K. 
2016Evaluation of a Technology-Based Adaptive Learning and Prevention Program for Stress ResponseWesemann, Ulrich ; Kowalski, Jens T. ; Jacobsen, Thomas  ; Beudt, Susan ; Jacobs, Herbert ; Fehr, Julia ; Büchler, Jana ; Zimmermann, Peter L. 
2014Evidence for the role of German final devoicing in pre-attentive speech processingTruckenbrodt, Hubert ; Steinberg, Johanna ; Jacobsen, Thomas Konstantin ; Jacobsen, Thomas  
2013Explorations into the antecedents, appraisals, and feelings of being-moved (and related emotional states)Wagner, Valentin ; Jacobsen, Thomas  ; Kühnast, Milena 
2015Gaze Duration Biases for Colours in Combination with Dissonant and Consonant SoundsMühlenbeck, Cordelia; Liebal, Katja; Pritsch, Carla; Jacobsen, Thomas