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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A Domain Decomposition Method to Simulate the Response of Biological Cell Systems Exposed to Radio FrequencyBöhmelt, Sebastian; Kielian, Nils ; Dudzinski, Michael; Rozgic, Marco ; Stiemer, Marcus 
2018Antenna Calibration with Improved Accuracy in a Semi-Anechoic ChamberJalali, Narjes ; Fichte, Lars Ole ; Stiemer, Marcus ; Barbary, Inès 
2016Application of generalized linear models to evaluate nuclear EMP testsFichte, Lars Ole ; Knoth, Sven  ; Potthast, Stefan; Schaarschmidt, Martin; Sabath, Frank; Stiemer, Marcus 
Open Access2007Berechnung der Stromverteilung in einem System rechteckiger Massivleiter bei Wechselstrom durch Kombination der Separations- mit der RandintegralgleichungsmethodeFichte, Lars Ole 
2017Constructive Adjustment of Characteristic Parameters of a Mode-Stirred Reverberation Chamber for EMC Tests and Power SpectroscopySchlie, Claas Hendrik; Rozgic, Marco ; Dudzinski, Michael; Schiffner, Julia; Barbary, Inès ; Fichte, Lars Ole ; Storjohann, Jens ; Hollan, Robert ; Potthast, Stefan; Schaarschmidt, Martin; Sabath, Frank; Stiemer, Marcus 
2017Dependence of an OATS Site Insertion Loss on the Admitted Parameter TolerancesBarbary, Inès ; Hagel, Michael ; Stiemer, Marcus ; Pape, Rainer; Kleine-Ostmann, Thomas; Schrader, Thomas
2020Electro-quasistatic field-simulation of biological cells using balanced domain-decompositionBöhmelt, Sebastian; Kielian, Nils ; Hagel, Michael ; Stiemer, Marcus ; Henkel, Marvin-Lucas; Clemens, Markus 
2016Experimental and numerical investigation of increased formability in combined quasi-static and high-speed forming processesKiliclar, Yalin; Demir, O. Koray; Engelhardt, Marcus; Rozgic̀, Marco ; Vladimirov, Ivaylo Nikolov; Wulfinghoff, Stephan; Weddeling, Christian; Gies, Soeren; Klose, Christian; Reese, Stefanie; Tekkaya, A. Erman; Maier, Hans Jürgen; Stiemer, Marcus 
2016Finite element analysis of combined forming processes by means of rate dependent ductile damage modellingKiliclar, Yalin; Vladimirov, Ivaylo Nikolov; Wulfinghoff, Stephan; Rozgic̀, Marco ; Stiemer, Marcus 
2015Finite Element Simulation of the Frequency - Dependent Polarization of Biological CellsBöhmelt, Sebastian; Scharf, Fabian; Dudzinski, Michael; Rozgic, Marco ; Fichte, Lars Ole ; Stiemer, Marcus 
Open Access2014Inner point methods: On necessary optimality conditions of various reformulations of a constrained optimization problemRozgic, Marco ; Jaraczewski, Manuel ; Stiemer, Marcus 
2016Mathematical Optimization for the Virtual Design of Process Chains with Electromagnetic FormingRozgic̀, Marco ; Stiemer, Marcus 
2018Measurement of the SAR Value Distribution in an Electromagnetic Reverberation ChamberHollan, Robert ; Fichte, Lars Ole ; Kasmi, Chaouki; Stiemer, Marcus 
2018Mixed integer PDE constrained optimization for the control of a wildfire hazardGnegel, Fabian; Dudzinski, Michael; Fügenschuh, Armin ; Stiemer, Marcus 
2018Modellierung von anaeroben AbbauprozessenStiemer, Marcus 
2014Numerical Comparison of Optimization Methods for Process Parameters Identification in Forming TechnologyRozgic, Marco ; Stiemer, Marcus 
2015Numerical Optimization of Current Parameters in Combined Electromagnetic-Classical Forming ProcessesKiliclar, Yalin; Rozgic, Marco ; Reese, Stefanie; Stiemer, Marcus 
2015On the Quality of a Real Open Area Test SiteFichte, Lars Ole ; Stiemer, Marcus ; Barbary, Inès 
2015On the Validity and Statistical Significance of HEMP Test StandardsFichte, Lars Ole ; Knoth, Sven  ; Potthast, Stefan; Sabath, Frank; Stiemer, Marcus 
Open AccessJul-2018Power spectroscopy with electrical reverberation chambers for EMCStiemer, Marcus ; Fichte, Lars Ole ; Schlie, Claas Hendrik; Vierck, Christian; Potthast, Stefan; Schaarschmidt, Martin; Sabath, Frank; Wendt, Kai Uwe