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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-2019Analytical strategies in HRM systems researchHauff, Sven  
-2018Further exploring the links between high-performance work practices and firm performanceHauff, Sven  ; Alewell, Dorothea ; Hansen, Nina Katrin 
-2019How national employment systems relate to employee involvementKirchner, Steffen ; Hauff, Sven  
-2019Human Resource Management zwischen Uniformität und DifferenzierungHauff, Sven  
-2020Is There a New Meaning of Work?Brinck, Karla Louise ; Hauff, Sven  ; Kirchner, Stefan 
-2016Measuring HRM SystemsHauff, Sven  
-2017Partial Least Squares StrukturgleichungsmodellierungHair, Joseph F. ; Hult, G. Tomas M. ; Ringle, Christian M. ; Sarstedt, Marko ; Richter, Nicole F. ; Hauff, Sven  
-2016"Strategic HR Practices and Tradeoff Effects on Health, Happiness, and Relational Well-Being"Guerci, Marco ; Hauff, Sven  ; Gilardi, Silvia 
-2020When predictors of outcomes are necessaryRichter, Nicole Franziska ; Schubring, Sandra ; Hauff, Sven  ; Ringle, Christian M. ; Sarstedt, Marko