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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A multi-threaded local search algorithm and computer implementation for the multi-mode, resource-constrained multi-project scheduling problemGeiger, Martin Josef  
2018Algorithms, pseudo-codes, implementations - some reflections on interdependencies and potential implicationsGeiger, Martin Josef  
2018Editorial: challenges in multicriteria decision methodsde Almeida, Adiel Teixeira ; Geiger, Martin Josef  ; Morais, Danielle Costa 
2011Inventory Routing and On-line Inventory Routing File FormatSevaux, Marc ; Geiger, Martin Josef  
2018Long-Term Consequences of Depot Decisions for the Inventory Routing ProblemHuber, Sandra ; Geiger, Martin Josef  
2015MMLIBchecker : a checker software for multi-mode resource-constrained project scheduling problem (MRCPSP) solution filesGeiger, Martin Josef  
2017Multi-attribute assignment of trains to departures in rolling stock managementGeiger, Martin Josef  ; Huber, Sandra ; Langton, Sebastian ; Leschik, Marius ; Lindorf, Christian ; Tüshaus, Ulrich 
2017Navigation in multiobjective optimization methodsAllmendinger, Richard ; Ehrgott, Matthias ; Gandibleux, Xaver ; Geiger, Martin Josef  ; Klamroth, Kathrin ; Luque, Mariano 
2010New Instances for the Single Machine Total Weighted Tardiness ProblemGeiger, Martin Josef  
2017On an effective approach for the coach trip with shuttle service problem of the VeRoLog solver challenge 2015Geiger, Martin Josef  
2017Optimale Torpedo-EinsatzplanungGeiger, Martin Josef  
2017Order mattersHuber, Sandra ; Geiger, Martin Josef  
2019Preface [zu "Multiple criteria decision making and aiding]Huber, Sandra ; Geiger, Martin Josef  ; de Alme, Adiel Teixeira 
2019Risk management in lean & green supply chain:Paksoy, Turan ; Çalik, Ahmet ; Yildizbaşi, Abdullah ; Huber, Sandra 
2012Test Instances for the Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem with Work CentersBehnke, Dennis ; Geiger, Martin Josef  
2011The cover scheduling problem arising in wireless sensor networksRossi, A. ; Singh, A. ; Geiger, Martin Josef  ; Sevaux, Marc 
2018Transportplanung in WertschöpfungsnetzwerkenGeiger, Martin Josef  ; Huber, Sandra 
2019VeRoLog Solver Challenge: 4. Implementierungswettbewerb der EUROArbeitsgruppe Vehicle Routing and Logistics OptimizationGeiger, Martin Josef