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2015Cross-Domain Energy Savings by Means of Unified Energy AgentsLinnenberg, Tobias ; Derksen, Christian; Fay, Alexander  ; Unland, Rainer
2016Design, implementation and testing of multi- energy infrastructures the multi agent way in AgentLinnenberg, Tobias ; Wassermann, Erik ; Fay, Alexander  ; Derksen, Christian; Unland, Rainer; Oerter, Christian; Ludwig, Marcel; Zdrallek, Markus; Heldmaier, Wolfram; Stiegler, Martin
2017Einheitliches und durchgängiges Engineering von Steuerungslösungen für hybride Energiesysteme und -netze mittels Energie-AgentenWassermann, Erik ; Linnenberg, Tobias ; Törsleff, Sebastian ; Fay, Alexander  ; Derksen, Christian; Loose, Nils; Unland, Rainer; Ludwig, Marcel; Stölzer, Marcus; Zdrallek, Markus; Heldmaier, Wolfram
2017Hardware Integration and Real-Time Control in an Agent-based Distribution Grid SimulationLoose, Nils; Törsleff, Sebastian ; Derksen, Christian; Unland, Rainer; Fay, Alexander  
2015Structure and classification of unified energy agents as a base for the systematic development of future energy gridsDerksen, Christian; Linnenberg, Tobias ; Unland, Rainer; Fay, Alexander  
2013Unified Energy Agents as a Base for the Systematic Development of Future Energy GridsDerksen, Christian; Linnenberg, Tobias ; Unland, Rainer; Fay, Alexander  
2016Verteilte Automatisierung hybrider EnergiesystemeTörsleff, Sebastian ; Derksen, Christian; Fay, Alexander  ; Heldmaier, Wolfram; Linnenberg, Tobias ; Loose, Nils; Ludwig, Marcel; Stötzel, Marcus; Unland, Rainer; Wassermann, Erik ; Zdrallek, Markus