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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Adversity is a school of wisdom: Experimental evidence on cooperative protection against stochastic lossesKöke, Sonja; Lange, Andreas; Nicklisch, Andreas
2017Conditional Altruism in Bilateral BargainingSchwaninger, Manuel 
2016Entitlements and Loyalty in Groups: An Experimental StudyPaetzel, Fabian ; Sausgruber, Rupert
2016Information-sensitive LeviathansNicklisch, Andreas; Grechenig, Kristoffel; Thöni, Christian
2015Information-sensitive Leviathans the Emergence of Centralized PunishmentNicklisch, Andreas; Grechenig, Kristoffel; Thöni, Christian
2017Leaky bucket in the lab: The effect of system inefficiency on voting on redistributionTepe, Markus; Lutz, Maximilian; Paetzel, Fabian ; Lorenz, Jan
2016Less sensitive reputation spurs cooperation: An experiment on noisy reputation systemsGreiff, Matthias; Paetzel, Fabian 
2017Meeting Needs: An Experimental Study on Need-Based Justice and InequalityPritzlaff-Scheele, Tanja; Zauchner, Patricia
2017Mill and Miller: Some thoughts on the methodology of political theorySchramme, Thomas
2018Monotonie und Monotoniesensitivität als Desiderata für Maße der BedarfsgerechtigkeitBauer, Alexander M. 
2017Need, framing, and time constraints in risky decision makingDiederich, Adele; Wyszynski, Marc
2017Offers Beyond the Negotiating Dyad: Including the Excluded in a Network Exchange ExperimentSchwaninger, Manuel ; Neuhofer, Sabine; Kittel, Bernhard
2017On the effects of transparency and reciprocity on labor supply in the redistribution systemsChugunova, Marina; Nicklisch, Andreas; Schnapp, Kai-Uwe
2018Parents' Ambitions and Children's CompetitivenessKhadjavi, Menusch; Nicklisch, Andreas
2017Perspektiven auf eine Theorie der Bedarfsgerechtigkeit in zehn ThesenNullmeier, Frank
2015Reciprocity Models Revisited: Intention Factors and Reference ValuesHinz, Jana; Nicklisch, Andreas
2017Redistribution and Production with the Subsistence Income Constraint: A Real-Effort ExperimentChugunova, Marina; Nicklisch, Andreas; Schnapp, Kai-Uwe
2017Risk Taking and the Welfare StateTraub, Stefan  ; Krügel, Jan Philipp 
2017Risk-taking under Different Welfare-state RegimesBenker, Meike K. ; Krügel, Jan Philipp ; Traub, Stefan  
2017Self-governance in noisy social dilemmas: Experimental evidence on punishment with costly monitoringNicklisch, Andreas; Putterman, Louis G.; Thöni, Christian