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2017Compensation via redistributive taxation: Evidence from areal-effort laboratory experiment with endogenous productivitiesTepe, Markus; Lutz, Maximilian; Traub, Stefan  
2017Expert advice in need-based allocationsKittel, Bernhard; Tepe, Markus; Lutz, Maximilian; Traub, Stefan  
2017Just Don’t Call it a Tax!Lorenz, Jan; Paetzel, Fabian ; Tepe, Markus
2017Leaky bucket in the lab: The effect of system inefficiency on voting on redistributionTepe, Markus; Lutz, Maximilian; Paetzel, Fabian ; Lorenz, Jan
2017The effect of voting procedures on the acceptance of redistributive taxation: Evidence from a two-stage real-effort laboratory experimentTepe, Markus; Lutz, Maximilian
2017Transparency diminishes framing-effects in voting on redistribution: some experimental evidencePaetzel, Fabian ; Lorenz, Jan; Tepe, Markus