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2017In Situ X-ray Diffraction Studies on the De/rehydrogenation Processes of the K2[Zn(NH2)4]-8LiH SystemCao, Hujun; Pistidda, Claudio; Richter, Theresia M. M.; Santoru, Antonio; Milanese, Chiara; Garroni, Sebastiano; Bednarcik, Jozef; Chaudhary, Anna-Lisa; Gizer, Gökhan; Liermann, Hanns-Peter; Niewa, Rainer; Ping, Cheng; Klassen, Thomas ; Dornheim, Martin
2016New synthesis route for ternary transition metal amides as well as ultrafast amidehydride hydrogen storage materialsCao, Hujun; Santoru, Antonio; Pistidda, Claudio; Richter, Theresia M. M.; Chaudhary, Anna-Lisa; Gizer, Gökhan; Niewa, Rainer; Chen, Ping; Klassen, Thomas ; Dornheim, Martin