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2015Contribution to the Theory of Small Machine ToolsRöhlig, Benny; Raval, Vandeet; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter 
2017Introduction to the Priority Programme SPP1476-Small Machine Tools for Small WorkpiecesWulfsberg, Jens Peter ; Redlich, Tobias ; Röhlig, Benny; Sanders, Adam ; Grimske, Silka ; Kohrs, Peter
2017Multifunctional and Intelligent Mechanical Interface for a Fast, Easy and Precise (Re-)Configuration of Small Modular Machine ToolsGrimske, Silka ; Röhlig, Benny; Müller, Jens ; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter 
2015OpenLabsRedlich, Tobias ; Moritz, Manuel ; Buxbaum-Conradi, Sonja ; Krenz, Pascal ; Heubischl, Susanne ; Basmer-Birkenfeld, Sissy-Ve 
2013Paradigm changeWulfsberg, Jens Peter ; Röhlig, Benny
2014Square foot manufacturingGrimske, Silka ; Kong, Nanxi; Röhlig, Benny; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter 
2013Theory of small machine toolsRöhlig, Benny
2015Three General Determinants of Support-SystemsWeidner, Robert ; Karafillidis, Athanasios 
2015WGP Congress 2015